Review of Think Quest: Best Websites for Teachers

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Think Quest Possibilities (5 out of 5)

Think Quest is an educational website sponsored by Oracle, that allows teachers to involve their students in a positive learning environment, in the classroom or at home. The free enrollment of the school allows the students to enjoy competitions, research information for project topics from students all over the world for their own projects, through the Think Quest library. The user friendly tool enables students to browse by grade level or country. The areas include creative writing and an interactive discussion about projects. Students of all nationalities communicate and learn together. The School Portal allows communications between teachers and students in their school for discussions, as well as organizing school projects.

The Project (5 out of 5)

A tremendous source of ideas and information available for students, allows for research and creativity, critical thinking and working with others. Team members interact, select the topic and create the project on the format provided. Together they examine and discuss ideas from other projects to create their own.

The Competition (5 out of 5)

One of the Think Quest projects is the participation in competition. The Website Competition is when a team of students compete with others around the world, selected in categories of age levels, together build a website. The students compete for prizes such as laptops, cameras or even grants for their schools.

The Narrative Competition allows the teams of students, coached by a teacher, to enter a project on an educational topic. The team members must abide by the rules and requirements of the competition. The students also compete for prizes for their schools.

All winning projects are included in the Think Quest Library.

The Library (5 out of 5)

The Library allows students 24/7 access to information used for personal research or school projects, including educational games. Topics are searched for by browsing age levels or by country.

For the Educator (5 out of 5)

Think Quest allows the teacher an opportunity to motivate her students, as well as incorporate positive learning skills for a productive classroom. It also provides easy management of the students projects.

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