Lesson Plan on Substance Abuse During Pregnancy with Video: Lesson on the Dangers of Drugs & Alcohol During Pregnancy

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A Video You Can Use in the Classroom

Babies Can’t Say No, Substance Abuse During Pregnancy is a 23-minute video distributed by Discovery Education. This video is meant to educate students in grade 9-12 on the dangers of consuming drugs and alcohol while pregnant. Divided into eight segments, the video includes commentary from a mother who drank alcohol while pregnant. The mother discusses the how her substance abuse impacted her child, who was born mentally disabled. Vignettes from a doctor help explain some of the symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome. Summaries of the segments include:

  • Statistics about alcohol and drug use and pregnancy
  • Information abou Fetal Alcohol Syndrom
  • How what the mother ingests goes directly to the baby
  • Characteristics of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Lesson Plans for Teaching About Fetus Alcohol Syndrome

The accompanying 34-page teacher’s guide for the video, organized using the AIMS teaching model, is written by Pat Davies. It is based on Benjamin S. Bloom’s, Six Levels of Cognitive Complexity, as stated in the teacher’s guide. This model provides writing, hands-on activities, critical thinking, diversity, news writing or reporting activities, extended activities and a culminating activity. Vocabulary for the unit is also introduced with accompanying activities. The teacher’s guide is thorough and presents an introduction that teachers can use to stimulate interest in the lesson.

The lesson plan provides topic ideas for group discussions that focus on responsibility, decisions, consequences, and peer pressure. All of the topics were appropriate for high school students. The critical thinking activities for the video include research, writing, and interpretation. Because many of the lessons require group work, students who have special needs can be supported through most of the activities. The lessons could readily be used in a health, science, or literature class.

The video and accompanying material are excellent for high school students and meet health education standards for showing how drugs and alcohol can impact society.