Vantage Learning: Student Progress Monitoring System (SPMS) Review

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It would be incredibly useful if teachers could create an original student assessment that tested specific objectives/competencies, assess their students according to those objectives/competencies, grade those assessments, and generate a report that detailed the results of the assessment, proving a breakdown of the class as a whole and of individual students.


Now, all of the aforementioned actions are doable, though it will likely take a few days. With Vantage Learning’s Student Progress Monitoring System, a teacher can save an exorbitant amount of time. All that is required is a few clicks of the mouse, and teachers are able to view student date reports broken down in a reader-friendly format in a matter of minutes.

Enter Your Students’ Minds

Not only do teachers know what items are the most-missed items on the assessment, but with SPMS, they know the percentage of students who selected a specific answer or one of the other distracters. In other words, teachers are allowed to enter their students’ heads and see how they are thinking. Just maybe, this will reveal and give teachers an insight as to why the students are choosing the wrong answers.

What Good is this?

Seeing how your students think has several benefits. First, teachers know what concepts their students are struggling with, so teachers have a better understanding of what concepts they need to remediate with their students.

Also, if a large number of students are missing the same concept, it is quite clear that the teacher needs to approach the material using a different instructional strategy.

SPMS also provides for individualized learning plans. SPMS helps teachers identify those students that are falling behind, and then, the teacher can spend extra time helping these particular students.



  • SPMS has many features to assist teachers, administrators, students and even parents, including the following:
  • Assessments online or pencil/paper formats
  • User-friendly
  • Organizes complicated statistical data in an easy-to-read format
  • Immediate results
  • Accessible from any computer

One Disadvantage….Price

One of the biggest challenges with this software is price, especially at a time when school districts’ budgets are being trimmed. The good news is that Vantage Learning advertises this product as affordable. Many teachers think SPMS is priceless as it saves them time and eliminates some of the hassle from their jobs