Unicef Teaching Ideas : Help Students Donate to Unicef on Halloween

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Help Save Lives !

Too many children around the world are in urgent need of medical care. Unicef helps fund medical and educational programs in many countries to provide medical help to children in crisis. One way Unicef raises funds to help children in crisis is with the Halloween night Unicef Trick or Treat Program. Unicef provides bright orange boxes to carry during trick or treating to collect change. This worthwhile project is a way for children (and adults) to spend just a little time on Halloween to help save lives. Even small amounts raised may be enough to save a life via providing immunizations.

You may find out how to participate in the Unicef Trick or Treat program at: https://www.unicefusa.org/ At this website you will find out how to print out canister labels to create your own containers to use for fundraising. It also provides information about how to donate the funds to Unicef via CoinStar machines in your local stores. You may also create a webpage to help raise funds at Halloween for Unicef. Participants in this program will receive a certificate of thanks in the mail from Unicef. So do a good deed on Halloween and help children in crisis get the medical help they need.

Participating in this Halloween activity gives students valuable fund raising experience and also a wonderful community activity to list on their college applications. Many scholarship applications specifically require the student to have volunteer work to list on the application. Community involvement is an important step for all students to take on the way to entering college and starting careers. This type of volunteer work may help students gain regular employment as well. Employers like to hire students who have already done volunteer work and gained skills that will be valuable in the workplace.

Students may also find they want to work year round to raise funds for Unicef. The website is full of information about wonderful programs to help this important organization. So be proactive and help students get involved in raising funds for UNICEF. This important work will help to save lives.