Combat Bullying: Five Online Resources

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Battling bullying in the classroom and beyond

1. Stop Bullying Now

This site ranks as one of the leading sites for bully management. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, you’ll find up-to-date information for all parties involved including victims, parents, educators – and even the bullies. Colorful, interactive and nicely organized, this site should be one of the first places you go when dealing with a bully situation.

2. Violence Prevention

Offered by the University of Calgary, this is an all-inclusive site that aims to combat the whole spectrum of violence in schools. From dating violence to child abuse to bullying conflict resolution, here you’ll find terrific in-depth information and advice for how to set up programs to prevent these problems in your classroom and school community.

3. Bullying in schools and what to do about it

This is a great resource that provides in-depth expert advice for how to manage bullies in the classroom. Not only does the author include helpful tips for both schools and parents, he also gives a unique approach for training your students in “bystander intervention”.

4. Prevent Cyberbullying

Cyber bullying is perhaps the most relevant type of bullying and possibly the hardest for educators to understand. While many teachers are unaware of the inner workings of sites like Facebook and Myspace, they do not realize the potential battlegrounds that these networking sites provide. This site is dedicated to educating parents, teachers and educators about the dangers of cyber bullying and offers a forum for the many questions we have about this latest face of bullying.

5. Anti-bullying Net

This online network for battling bullying offers a wealth of resources for parents and educators. Here you’ll find a broad range of information for all sorts of bullying – even the bullying that goes on beyond the classroom. Whether its bullying in the workplace (even in the teacher’s lounge!) or in the community, this site offers a nicely organized and easy-to-understand collection of bullying advice.