Elementary Travel Lesson Plans

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Plan a Trip

The great thing about elementary travel lesson plans is that you can out so many subjects into the lesson plans and give the students some real world experience using their knowledge. Use the suggested lesson below or modify it to fit the needs of your classroom and students.

  1. Have your students look at the globe or atlas and pick a place to plan a trip to.
  2. Ask students to explain what they would expect to see on the trip and how they expect the culture to differ from theirs, then ask them to research aspects of the place they are planning to travel and compare their expectations with the reality.
  3. Have students figure up how far away the destination is from their home. What method of travel will they use to get there? Designate driving to cost them $.25 a mile and flying to cost the $.30 a mile. How long will each way take them to get there either way? What are the pros and cons of each way?
  4. What will they need to pack based on the climate there? What kind of weather can they expect based on where the place is located and what time of year they are going there?
  5. Have students plan a budget for the trip including motels, travel, food and recreation. If they save for a year, how much will they have to put away each week?
  6. Ask students to research the area of find out what level of technology they use. What are the benefits to using that technology in that area? What technology could be beneficial to the area?
  7. Ask students to put the information together in the form of a poster or essay.

Students may need to use the computers to do some of their research. They can even get a roadside view of the places they plan to visit using sites such as GoogleEarth.com.