Math Activities for Kids

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The Key

The key to math activities for kids is having the ability to modify everyday things into math activities. Reviewing information can leave children with their eyes glazed over, but when you make it into a game, the children become lively and responsive. It doesn’t even matter if there is a prize for the game. Use some of the activities provided here to turn everyday lessons into fun games.

The type of math activity you choose may be dependent on how much time you have to fill. If you are looking for a sit down activity to do in the classroom, you might consider doing something like creating a math fractions game or playing some type of math Bingo. Read below to learn how to play math Bingo as well as other activities.

Math Bingo

  • To play math Bingo, you will need some normal Bingo cards and card markers.
  • When the teacher pulls out a number, instead of reading the number, the teacher will read an equation. For example, instead of reading “B11”, the teacher might say “This number is found under the letter B and equals 27-16” or something similar.

Math Trivia

  • Practice math vocabulary by playing math trivia.
  • Mix in some old vocabulary with some new and ask questions for the students to answer with vocabulary words.
  • Make the game more fun by asking some silly questions along the way with the serious ones.
  • Split the class into two groups and give them each a bell to ring when they have the answer.
  • Ask a question. The first group to ring the bell and answer correctly wins the round.

Pattern Pictures

  • Have some fun with pattern recognition by asking students to draw pictures using only patterns. For example, instead of using a straight line to create a line, they would make a line out of a pattern.
  • Let them pick and create their own patterns to use so that they can express their creativity while practicing math skills.

Watch your students to see what they are interested in so that you can better create math activities for kids that will really get your students excited and eager to use their math skills to have some fun.