Top Ten List: Ways for Teachers to RELAX

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There’s Still Time

You have slept enough this summer and are well rested for yet another trying school year. It is time to turn off the tube, to get outdoors, and to enjoy yourself before the months of August and September roll around. Time is flying by, and another start of the school year is right around the corner.

There is still time to enjoy yourself, and here are ten top activities that I would recommend.

Ten Ideas to Enjoy Yourself Before School Begins

1. Take a trip to the beach. Visit one of Florida’s sandy white beaches and take a dip in the sparkling blue water.

2. Enjoy nature by participating in an outdoor activity, such as swimming, canoeing, cycling, or hiking.

3. Catch a summer flick at the movie theater.

4. Take advantage of a tax-free holiday in your state or in a neighboring state. In other words, this is a good excuse to go shopping. You willl actually save money.

5. Spend time with your children-play a round of miniature golf, visit a splash pad, go a local theme park or water park. Soon, you will be caring for other people’s children and will have little time for your own. So, make the most of the time you have now. Your children will love you that much more for spending loads of time with them.

6. Host a party and invite over fellow teacher-friends. This is a great opportunity to build a sense of fellowship with other teachers, and spend quality time before the stressful school year sets in. Ask each teacher to bring a dish and a bottle of wine or a frozen drink to share. If you don’t want to host this, invite everyone to go out to dinner, attend a wine tasting, or to spend a weekend at the community pool, lake, park, beach, etc.

7. Update your curriculum, if you have not done so this summer.

8. Organize your life, so that when school does resume, you will not be overwhelmed with school and work responsibilities.

9. Sign those retirement papers if your are eligible and cannot tolerate the idea of teaching another year.

10. Regardless of what you do, remember to relax and enjoy yourself because you will soon not have time for you.