Alcohol and Drugs Video and Lesson Plan Review

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Video Review

Cory and Eva are drug users who feel that they are on top of the world. Eva takes drugs to party, and thinks that it is “hypocritical for one generation to tell the next generation what to do.” Cory feels that drugs give him a since of independence. He is told that he is getting out of town away from his mother. Eva and Cory are featured on Flipped, an MTV reality show, found on Discovery Education. Educators also know Discovery Education as United Streaming. In the show, Eva believes that she is going to host an MTV show, and gains a friend, her co-host, who steals during their dance class.

Corey connects with a stranger who he meets on the show. The stranger is a drug user, living with his drug-addicted girlfriend. The teen is appalled when the girlfriend rips through the belongings in the disorderly apartment, looking for her next hit. He witnesses her going through the throes of withdrawal and is shocked to see the effects that drugs have on real people. Eventually, Eva and Cory end up in precarious situations involving law enforcement officials. Soon, they learn that they have been set up. Their “friends” are recovering drug addicts.

The teacher’s guide provides an overview of themes for the video; drugs are life threatening, and drug use may result in serious consequences such as overdose or contracting HIV/AIDS. One of the objectives of the video is to demonstrate how recreational drug use can lead to addiction. Lessons include critical thinking, link to the media, a cultural lesson, and a culminating assignment. Teachers should provide examples of correct assignments to help struggling students and build confidence. For group discussions, consider modeling appropriate conversations and teaching group communication skills.

The Teen Files Flipped: Drug Use and Addiction is an excellent video, because it is a reality show identical to popular shows viewed on TV. Students can connect to the video on some level, and the high-interest accompanying lessons will enhance learning.