Using Technology in the Classroom

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When should a child be introduced to the computer?

Computers and electronic equipment are everywhere in our world today. As technology advances in years to come, that fact will be even more prevalent. As soon as children can recognize the alphabet, they should become familiar with how to use a computer. It is a crucial skill in the society that we live in. There are so many educational games available to children today that will only enhance their preschool skills, while at the same time, teach them computer skills. Often, young children can learn to spell their name on the computer keyboard long before they learn to write.

What should parents watch for?

Parents need to be concerned is their child’s school does not incorporate some computer technology. While it is not healthy for children to sit in front of a computer all day, they should be taught the basic functions of a computer in the classroom. Each classroom should be equipped with at least one computer. By using either the Internet or computer programs, a teacher has the ability to take her children anywhere in the world.

At home, it is crucial to monitor your child while he or she is on the computer. Even if your child is not allowed to access the Internet, it is only a touch of a button away. Guard your child’s computer time and do not give them the opportunity to “wonder” around the world wide web.

How can the Internet be used?

Another positive contribution made by technology in the classroom is the concept of distance education. Distance education allows students in rural schools to participate in subjects not readily available to them in a small school district. Distance education allows high school students to enroll in college courses without leaving the high school campus. Finally, distance education gives adult students the chance to attend college without having to alter everyday life.