Homeschooling Gifted Kids: Pros and Cons

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Top 3 Advantages of Homeschooling Gifted Children

Often, public schools don’t have the resources and curriculum available to challenge gifted children. Private schools may offer more options, but can be expensive. Homeschooling the gifted child may be the best answer. Learning the benefits can help you decide if this is the right option for your child.

1. Freedom to Customize the Curriculum

The freedom to customize the curriculum is a great advantage. Gifted children need to be challenged, otherwise they get bored with learning. Choosing subjects that will challenge your gifted child will help keep them interested in the subject, and make it more enjoyable for them to learn.

This also allows you to focus attention on subjects where your gifted child shows the most interest. If the child excels in math, you can focus more attention on it. Challenging them, while still keeping their interested is a key part of homeschooling gifted children.

2. Freedom to Move at Their Own Pace

In public schools, gifted children have to work at the pace of the entire class, which is often slow for them. Homeschooling a gifted child gives them the ability to progress at a pace that is suitable for them. They have the option to move quickly on things they already know, and spend more time on learning things that give them the most trouble.

3. One on One Attention

Homeschooling gifted children gives them the opportunity to get the one on one attention that is not always possible in a classroom. The gifted child may work well on their own a majority of the time. Other times they may need more direct guidance. This can come from a parent, a mentor, or a tutor.

Making the Decision to Homeschool your Gifted Child

If your gifted child is bored in school and is not being academically challenged, then homeschooling could be the answer. Discuss this option with your child. Talk to them about what curriculum they believe will interest them the most. Go over the advantages with your gifted child. Together you can make the decision that will best suit their needs.