Farm Field Trip Activities for Toddlers

Down on the Farm

When toddlers go on a field trip to a farm, they will have lots of fun with the animals, the fresh air and the vegetation, but do they realize how much of their nutrients come from a farm? These farm field trip activities will help them to see the foods that come from a farm. Use one or all of the activities listed below to reinforce what the toddlers learn on the farm. Before completing these activities, review a farm lesson plan with your students so that they can have some idea of what to expect when they visit the farm.

  • Before you go to the farm, call and ask what the possibilities of being interactive on the farm are. If possible, see if the children can watch things like cows being milked.
  • Take along crackers and disposable cups. If there is butter made on the farm or any kind of jellies, allow the children to taste the product after watching it be processed.
  • Use an egg carton and some peat moss to plant strawberry seeds in if they are grown on the farm. These are relatively easy to grow and children can take them with them when they go home.
  • Depending on the season, children may be able to help plant some seeds in the farmers garden. Help the students to plant the seeds, then show them samples of the end product and allow them to taste the samples if possible.
  • Take along some samples of similar foods as are grown on the farm. For instance, if you are going to a fruit farm, take along some canned fruits and see if the students can taste the difference in the fresh fruit and the store bought fruit.
  • Take along small baskets and help the children to collect eggs or pick vegetables.

These farm field trip activities are very simple to do and yet the children will love them. The items from these activities can be used in later cooking lesson plans or lesson plans on science or nutrition as well!