Lesson Plan on Trains for Preschool

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Fun Facts about Trains

Did you know that a train runs every single minute of the year? Did you know that the average train weighs more than ten elephants? Did you know that, if the weather is snowy outside, you may not hear a locomotive’s whistle? If these are fun facts for you, they may also prove to be awesome for your preschool classroom to learn.

Many roads in your town encounter the railroad tracks. Railroad tracks come in very close contact with a train’s wheels, and the tracks move the trains along extremely fast. The train is one of the most eco-friendly transportation systems we have in progress today.

Your classroom will learn all about the three basic components of any train, which are the locomotive, the tracks, and the train driver or engineer. You can read one or more books on trains to your students to help introduce them to these concepts. They will love the crafts that will help to reiterate what you have read to them about the train.

Suggested Reading

You can read a great book titled All Aboard! by Mary Lyn Ray to your classroom. This book is easy for your children to understand and has colorful illustrations that are easy on the eyes. It will hold their attention and keep them listening to the words written so eloquently, all concerning the train.

If you desire, you can also read the book titled Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by Kevin Lewis. This book will animate your classroom as they repeat chugga-chugga-choo-choo along with the story while the train goes from town to town. The illustrations and text are great and this book is awesome for the project.

The last book is Train Song by Diane Siebert. This book has illustrations that are classic and sophisticated. The book description reads:

Here is the song of the train. Listen as it rushes past big cities and small towns. Listen as it sweeps through forests and fields and into tunnels. Hear the whistle wailing, brakes squealing, wheels rolling, r-o-l-l-i-n-g, and stop. Now the train is homeward bound. All aboard!” [1]

All three books will ensure that your children know the basic concepts needed for this craft lesson with songs and sounds to boot. In your classroom, you will hear many “Who Whooooooooo’s”. Get ready for the children to have a look of excitement and amazement as they learn about the train.

Three Simple Train Crafts

  • Train Printout - Print out the train and glue the parts together. This train can double as a craft for them and as a great visual for them as you discuss the engine.
  • Train Driver’s Hat - Materials: You will need a stapler, tape, markers or paint, construction paper, scissors, and cardboard for the hat bib. Instructions: Cut a two-inch strip and staple after measuring it around the child’s head. Cut a two-inch square bib for the front of the hat. Snip off the front corners of the bib in order to make them more rounded. Cut a piece of cardboard in the same shape and glue them together with the cardboard underneath. Cut out an oversize circle that needs to be at least 1/2 inch larger than the top part of the hat. Staple the circle inside of the hat by folding in small places where needed. Staple the bib onto the hat. You might need to fold the top part of the hat slightly in order to staple it. Allow the children to decorate the hat in whatever way they choose with paint or markers. Use the tape to cover the staples for safety and comfort for the children.
  • Shape Train - Materials: You will need construction paper, paste, and paint. Instructions: Help the children cut one large square, one medium sized rectangle, one medium sized triangle, and two medium sized circles from the construction paper. Help the children paste the circles at the bottom of the square. Help the children paste the rectangle on top of the square or in the front resembling the smoke stack. Help the children paste the the triangle in front of the rectangle. Allow the children to paint their trains.

Overall, these train crafts and books should introduce or bring back to their memories of the basic in concepts concerning the train. Both boys and girls can learn when it comes to a great transportation system used all over the world typically called the train.

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