How to Locate the Best Prices for Microsoft Office for a College Student

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Microsoft Office is an application suite that includes a word-processor (MS Word), spreadsheet (MS Excel), presentation program (MS Powerpoint) and an email program (MS Outlook). The professional version of Microsoft Office includes a database program (MS Access). More current versions of Microsoft Office also include a graphics layout program (MS Publisher) and a note/multimedia file sharing program (MS OneNote). The software is mainly used as an office productivity package for individuals and small businesses to have the advantage of maintaining an office with a fully functioning electronic office assistant. By first determining which edition is needed and then by researching various sites for discounts, you can obtain the best prices for Microsoft office for a college student.

Technical requirements

Technical requirements for running Microsoft Office on your computer vary depending on the particular Microsoft Office Suite package you are running. Generally, the Microsoft Office program can run on any computer that uses the Windows-based or MAC-based operating system. The latest software (version 2010) requires processor speeds of at least 500 MHz, hard disk storage requirements of at least 3GB and memory requirements of minimum of 256 MB but recommended is 512 MB. Other requirements are a monitor with at least 1024 x 576 pixel resolution, Internet connectivity and a web browser.


Versions of Microsoft Office

There are a multitude of versions for Microsoft Office that accommodate the occasional, student and professional user. Each version has a combination of appropriate programs to satisfy the needs for that user. For instance, Microsoft Office Professional Edition comes with Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote. On the other hand, the Home and Business Edition has everything except for Publisher and Access. Yet again, the Student and Home Edition has everything except for Outlook, Publisher and Access. There are also separate versions for the MAC operating system, MAC Home and Student Edition and MAC Home and Business Edition. You can also purchase the standalone programs to fulfill your individual or company needs. These standalone programs are also available in Spanish.

Tips for Getting the Best Prices on Microsoft Office

While there are many places to purchase Microsoft Office software, it helps to be aware of the various levels of purchasing available depending on what category of user you fall into. Various academic discounts exist that make the best prices for Microsoft office for a college student. Before pursuing academic purchasing, be sure about which Microsoft software programs you need to use.

The first place to look for the best prices for Microsoft office for a college student is with Student Page ( on academic software purchasing. Currently enrolled students can obtain deep discounts on software by directly ordering them from the Microsoft website. At any given time, the latest software is usually discounted up to 90% off of the list price.

In addition to, other places that offer education discounts on Microsoft Office are –

– On the Hub Network

– JourneyEd Educational Software

– Academic Superstore

All of these places require currently enrollment in an eligible college, university or technical school. Each company maintains a searchable list of eligible schools for the discounts. The next requirement for discount purchasing is that you have a valid student ID card with a current semester validation sticker, proof of enrollment such as a current registration receipt or letterhead from the Registrar of the school. Before purchasing, you would need to fax, mail or email this proof of eligibility to the vendor to keep on file.


On the Hub Network

JourneyEd Educational Software

Academic Superstore

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