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College Study Skill Tips to Make Taking Exams Easier

written by: Christopher Kochan•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 10/28/2010

This article will feature the most important college study skill tips, in order to prepare for college exams, tests, and quizzes. Some of the study skill tips featured in this article include creating and using flash cards, reading textbooks, and using notes to create study guides.

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    College is the most important education anyone can receive, which is why every college student should learn college study skill tips and know how to properly study for exams, tests, and quizzes. Learning how to study during college for a college exam, test, or quiz can be a very difficult experience, as many professors have different styles of examining the knowledge their students should have learned. One way to always ensure you are prepared for any style of exam, test, or quiz is to build effective study habits. The first college study skill tip to build and improve study habits is to know how to properly read college textbooks.

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    Reading College Text Books

    college-study-skill-tips-texbook-reading It is very important to read sections of college textbooks whenever a professor gives out an assignment or whenever a professor will soon lecture on a new topic. In order to get the textbooks for each class, you will most likely have to purchase college textbooks from your on-campus college bookstore or from another college textbook provider. Many companies, including some universities, have college books for rent; however, the college textbook fee is usually worked into the total cost for tuition.

    Once you have the textbooks, it's time to learn how to read a college textbook with a purpose. When reading texts on a college level, begin by reading the main sections or chapters assigned by the professor. Then, go back to the beginning of the assigned reading to read the boxes in the margins, case studies, definitions, and all the other material inserted in the special sections incorporated into the assigned reading. This will help you learn the beginning steps on how to read a textbook.

    As you read through the assigned reading, one good college study skill tip is to make sure you are taking notes on the important topics, examples, and problems discussed throughout the reading. These notes should reflect important information mentioned in the college textbook, which would could possibly show up as a question on the college exam, test, or quizzes. Bright Hub has many articles with tips on how to take notes, which will help you to later build study guides and create flash cards, which are used as tools to help almost every college student prepare and study for exams.

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    Building Study Guides

    college-study-skill-tips-study-guide When exams come throughout the semesters, you should have the notes you took when reading the college textbook and the notes from attending class. Usually, the professor will give out some important topics to concentrate on when studying for the exam. Compile the notes which explain the topics which will be covered on the exam and create a study guide. There are several ways to create study guides; however, examining other people's study guides can help you design and create a study guide to study from for your specific material. Two good examples of study guides are the Basic Brain Anatomy Study Guide and the Study Guide for 5 Themes of Geography.

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    Using Flash Cards

    college-study-skill-tips-flash-cards Study Guides are one of the best tools to create for many types of exams; however, if you have to remember what a hundred or more definitions and terms, you may not want to look at a long list of definitions. The best solution is to create flash cards. Flash cards allow a person's eyes to focus on one definition and term at one time, which will help learn the terms and definitions much faster. Flash cards can be used to study for a Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, or any other college exam.

    Some other uses for flash cards besides using them for definitions and terms, you may want to use them to remember math equations, remember important images, remember graphs, or even play a flash card math game.

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    Joining Study Groups

    college-study-skill-tips-study-group The last college study skill tip every college student should pursue is to join or organize college study groups with friends or even random classmates, in order to study for the college exam. This not only allows for idea collaboration and a chance to clarify any questions you may have on the subject, but this time is also a great way to meet new people and build relationships with fellow college students. One example of a study group is a literature circle, which is usually formed in order to study novels or assigned readings.

    Now that you know a few college study skill tips, you should be able to learn how to study for college exams and get good grades throughout college!

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