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Making Best Use of Your Study Time

written by: Dr Pheo Martin•edited by: Amanda Grove•updated: 10/11/2010

Study time can be difficult to find, so when you are in your study time you want to make the most of that time. This article focuses on finding the right study place or places for you, prioritizing what you do, and how to avoid procrastination during or before you study time.

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    Study Time can be difficult to find as well as make the best use of. Here are the three best study techniques to make best use of what time you do have: 1) Find the best place to study 2) prioritize what you need to study as well as your life demands, and 3) break major assignments into smaller parts, starting with the easiest first. Let’s take each of these, and provide you more information.

    When you discover a place that seems to fit best with studying, you will find yourself more positive about the experience. When a person buys a car they often sit in the car to see if that has appeal. When a person has a place to live they often decorate that so the place feels “good” to them. Taking care to put together your study place also is very important. If you have a good feeling in that place you will likely go there more often. Students who try to study in a room that has other people watching TV, doing video games, or talking/texting on a phone can find this very distracting while trying to study. Here are a few tips to put together a good study environment: In your living situation, find a place where you can close a door and be left alone (a “do not disturb” sign can help!). If there is no place, then find a place on campus, at a library, etc. where you can spend the hours you need for studying. Wherever your place is, turn your cell phone off if you have one. If you do not need to be on the computer for studying turn the computer off. Music may or may not help you study.

    Prioritizing what you need to study can save you from “cramming for tests” and having to stay up late into the night to finish assignments that are do the next day. Many students in the first of the week of a class use a planner of some sort to set up what needs to be done. Some instructors provide the all dates for assignments and tests. You can use this information to create a calendar of due dates for yourself. A tip is: as soon as you hear or see an assignment due date or test/quiz date, immediately enter that into your study planner/calendar. You can even put dates in your cell phone calendar! Look at those dates at the start of each week and plan when you will complete assignments and study for any quizzes or tests. Write down your “PLAN,” and then make sure you follow and complete what you have set.

    Procrastination can cause ”putting off” study time, as well as what you do in during that time. Take difficult or unpleasant assignments and break them down into small blocks so you do not try to take on all of the task at once. Begin with the easiest parts first. Record the order of what you will do in your planner/calendar. When any task seems overwhelming to accomplish, find how to divide the overall task into smaller tasks. You will feel more in control that way. Beginning with the easiest parts of the assignment or test preparation can build your confidence that you can get through. The more confidence you gain, the easier the overall assignment or test preparation becomes.

    Education is a huge investment of your time and energy. Make best use of the time, get through with the best grades you can; and then, go get that good job your education provides and get on with your life. Making the use of these best study techniques and winning study strategies will get you obtain with the best grades, which will give the possibility of the best job.