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Easy PC Transfer - Data Transfers Worked but It Had Some Hiccups

written by: MetaOracle•edited by: Christian Cawley•updated: 9/17/2008

Migo's Easy PC Transfer provides a way to move files and settings from one PC to another. In my tests it basically got the job done but I encountered a few errors, one of which was fairly critical, making Easy PC Transfer a bad choice for my situation.

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    I used Migo's Easy PC Transfer software to transfer files from my own computer to one in an Internet cafe. Although it worked for the most part, some files didn't transfer properly. Additionally, there was no link to the files in the start menu, which is a small but significant error, and one file simply didn't work at all. I also had troubles with the transfer at first and had to figure out what the problem was before I could use it. These issues could be due to the circumstances (I was unable to reset the destination computer), but because there were at least minor errors I decided not to continue with Easy PC Transfer. [See image 1]
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    Price to Value

    Rating AverageWindows XP has a File and Settings Transfer wizard built-in that includes many of the features of Migo's Easy PC Transfer. If you don't use XP, however, this software will have value for you.
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    Installation & Setup

    Rating AverageInstallation of Easy PC Transfer was easy and straightforward. A reset wasn't required. It seems strange that the installation file was so big (23.7 megs) but that isn't really a big issue.
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    User Interface

    Rating AverageThe interface of Easy PC Transfer is simple and easy to understand. There are very few options, so setting up a file migration is basically just a matter of deciding how to transfer the files (computer to computer or deferred), then choosing which files and settings to include. There is a 'typical' option to transfer common files and settings. A custom option is available for the user to choose which files, application settings, system settings, or which file types (.doc, .mp3, .rar., etc.) to transfer.
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    Product Features

    Rating AverageEasy PC Transfer allows two types of migration. In 'Deferred' migration, the program selects all the files and settings you want to transfer then saves them all in a single executable file. With 'Real-time' transfer, the data is transferred between two computers which are connected in a network, allowing for an easy cable transfer or network transfer.
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    Rating AverageI used Easy PC Transfer to copy files and programs from one PC to one in an Internet cafe. One program didn't work after it was copied, and while the others worked, there were no links to them in the start menu. This could have been because I was in an Internet cafe and could not reset. However, I needed to be able to copy the programs without resetting the computer. Several of these programs didn't need a reset after installation, so it would make more sense just to copy the files and reinstall them rather than use Migo's Easy PC Transfer.

    I have also heard some complaints where users were unable to run the executable file on the destination PC. Migo addresses this in its online support section at:,2 .
    It would be better if the software just worked properly, of course.

    Easy PC Transfer also crashed for no apparent reason on two occasions.
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    Security & Privacy

    Rating AverageIn the real-time migration (where the files are sent over a network), there is an option to password protect the migration, making the data transfer secure.
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    Help & Support

    Rating AverageThe help documentation included with Easy PC Transfer is detailed and fairly good. Migo also has a troubleshooting section, which was empty, and an online knowledgebase, which had solutions to some common problems. [See image 3]

    Migo could also provide more detailed instructions at the surface level of Easy PC's use. The first time I tried to transfer a few applications, I only selected to transfer the actual files. This didn't work, and I realized I had to transfer both the files and the 'Application Settings' for that application. I had to figure this out on my own, and if I had not, I could have wasted time or lost data. [See image 2]
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    Easy PC TransferChoosing what to transferEasy PC Transfer help documentation
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    Suggested Features

    More online help would be good. It would also be nice if Easy PC Transfer included the option to save large transfer files in a set of smaller (CD size for instance) files, as opposed to one big one. This would make it easier to run a CD or a USB PC transfer.
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    Migo's Easy PC Transfer allows for relatively easy file transfers, however, in my particular situation, there were enough errors to keep me from wanting to use it again.
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