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10 Useful Skype Extras

written by: •edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 8/28/2009

A brief review of 10 Skype extras which enhances Skype's functionality in various ways.

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    WhiteBoardMeeting (Commercial/ Basic version free)

    WhiteBoardMeeting allows users to create content by drawing vector graphics, inserting text and images, and sharing them it. It makes it possible for all users to see each other creating and editing content right away.

    uSeeToo (Donationware)

    With uSeeToo you can create content with text, images, and graphics to share with your contacts. It can be used as for purposes which vary from eLearning applications to product presentations, demos, drawing lines on whiteboards, sharing maps, remote collaboration, etc.

    Skip2PBX (Commercial)

    Skip2PBX integrates Skype with PBX system and VoIP services. It creates a communication infrastructure that allows you to take advantage of Skype without altering your existing telephone exchange and landlines setup.

    RemoteX (Commercial/Trial available on request)

    RemoteX allows you to share your desktop with another user through Skype. Just by clicking on Tools > Do More and selecting the RemoteX icon, you can share your desktop or view your contact’s desktop.

    JiWire Hotspot Finder (Freeware)

    JiWire Hotspot Finder finds a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere in the world from a database of more than 200,000 hotspots in more than 135 countries. It lets you search on specific keywords like “cafe" or “hotel" and even by actual venue names like “McDonalds". It provides reports on the local weather and traffic. You can also get directions by clicking on a location on the map.

    PrettyMay Recorder and Sharer (Commercial/ Free basic version available)

    PrettyMay Call Recorder and Sharer for Skype allows you to record any calls/Skypecasts/conferences in mp3 or wav format, save Skype voicemails as mp3 or wav files, and share call recordings/voicemails/Sound files.

    Pamela for Skype - Professional Version (Commercial/ Free basic version available)

    With over 3 million downloads it has been a very popular Skype addon. Its features include Skype call/video/chat recording, call transfer, answering machine, videomail, auto chat reply, birthday reminders. email forwarding, contact personalization, Skype Publishing, etc.

    Pando (Commercial/Basic version Free)

    It adds advanced file transfer functionality to Skype. It lets you transfer files and folders to Skype contacts, and generate URLs for files/folders you want to share over the Web.

    Skax (Pay per page for fax you send)

    It is a web-based service that allows you to fax digital documents securely to any number worldwide through Skype.

    Blubell (Commercial / Free To Try)

    Blubell allows you to control Skype from your Bluetooth headset. You can make Skype calls through voice dialing, accept Skype calls by pressing the headset button, and use Skype as normal but without having to sit in front of the computer.

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