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How To Migrate Email From Microsoft Outlook To Lotus Notes

written by: •edited by: Brian Nelson•updated: 9/17/2010

Making the switch from Outlook to Lotus Notes? This guide will show you how this rare migration can be performed...

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    Outlook to Notes - A Rare Conversion

    Migrating from Outlook to Lotus Notes is not the most common path when moving from one office email system to another – however you might have exhausted all other possibilities.

    Given the degree of work that is required in converting between these two formats – Microsoft Outlook uses .PST files to store emails while Lotus Notes uses .NSF – you should be absolutely certain that migration is warranted and required for your users. Checking our articles Microsoft Exchange vs Lotus Notes: A Comparison and Comparative Analysis of Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes might well help in forming a decision.

    The thinking behind this is simple – there may be scope to retain access to your soon-to-be-retired email system for legacy access purposes. Very few emails older than a month require regular, daily access.

    You might find that embarking on a mass email conversion could be a massive expense that simply cannot be justified. It might be simpler to simply roll out Lotus Notes, setup your new users, and send them on their way. There is also a chance that you could maintain limited access to Outlook or employ a PST reading tool.

    However if you want to migrate email from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes, you’ll find that your options are restricted.

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    Restricted Options

    Options to migrate email from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes are limited The problem is that such a conversion usually takes place in the other direction.

    Many organizations over the past few years have migrated away from Lotus Notes and to Microsoft Outlook, particularly since the rise of Exchange as a push email solution.

    Very few businesses and other large bodies are migrating to Lotus Notes – if they were, there would be more choice on offer.

    The suggested method for converting your Microsoft Outlook .PST format email archive files into a format suitable for use with Lotus Notes is Transend Migrator, a premium solution that usefully comes with a trial version for assessing the suitability of the product.

    Visit to sign up for the demo. You can also check prices while you are there – for a single user, the cost is $49. Large organizations with many users can choose a different price scale depending on the number of accounts to be migrated.

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    Migrate Email from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes with Transend Migrator

    Using Transend Migrator requires a source file and destination location for the migrated email archive. It also requires the presence of the software you are converting to on your PC. For instance to convert to Lotus Notes, you need a copy of the program.

    Featuring several conversion options (Transend Migrator is suitable for moving your emails to Thunderbird format, for example), once the software is running you can either use the standard drop down selector screen to select your source and destination email formats, or else use the advanced screen.

    Advanced Options provide various program settings to be applied to your file conversion. These settings cover things like exporting headers or declaring a calendar as public.

    Transend Migrator is certainly a powerful email file conversion tool – I would recommend thorough testing however to confirm that it meets your requirements, and that as suggested in the introduction, mass mailbox migration from Outlook to Lotus is required.