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How to Choose and Use a Microsoft Word Recipe Template

written by: •edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 5/27/2010

Finding the right Microsoft Word format template for your recipe can be tricky - but there is a wealth of choices on Office Online, as well as templates on third-party websites. Once you have downloaded your template of choice, it is time to type out your recipe!

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    Microsoft Word in the Kitchen!

    Collecting and writing out recipes is a very popular pastime – favourite recipes can easily be lost, so maintaining a record of them can be vital. While in the past, notebooks or inserts into cookery books might have been used, the modern trend is to type them up on a word processor – and Microsoft Word is perfect for this.

    With a range of templates at your disposal – from the default blank template that every Word document begins life as to the best custom templates – the problem is no longer worrying about forgetting the recipe. Now all you have to worry about is choosing the right template!

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    Choosing a Microsoft Word Recipe Template

    Finding and using Microsoft Word recipe templates 

    Although Word doesn’t ship with recipe templates, you can find them online from within the software – depending on your version go to File > New (Office Button > New in Word 2007) to open the templates selection screen. Scroll down the list to find More Templates – this will connect to Office Online, where you should find Recipes listed.

    Choosing a template depends on what sort of recipe you plan to type up. For instance, there are templates for Thanksgiving recipes, templates for recipe card indexes (Avery format 4x6) as well as templates for full-page templates.

    To select one of these, simply highlight it in the main list and click on Download. You will then be able to use the template.

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    Finding Other Templates Online

    Microsoft Word recipe templates don’t have to come via Office Online – they can be found in a multitude of places on the web.

    For a start off, the browsable version of Office Online features 23 templates, many more than are available through Word.

    Meanwhile, features several recipe templates for use with Word, and recipe card designs can be found with a quick search on Google.

    So once you’ve found your template, download it and save it somewhere easy to remember, such as in My Documents. To use the template – which you will notice has an extension of .dot (if not, right-click and view the file Properties) rather than.doc – double click the file to open in Word. You’re then ready to start using your Microsoft Word recipe template

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    Using Templates in Microsoft Word

    Using a Microsoft Word recipe template Most Microsoft Word templates come with instructions – in the template itself! This is a great way to illustrate the layout of the template while providing information on how it should be used.

    For instance, your recipe template might split into two sections – ingredients and method – with a series of steps outlined under the method explaining how to use the template. This will involve over-typing the title, adding in your own ingredients, as well as options for reformatting and saving the document as your own recipe.

    When done, you can save in a dedicated recipes folder, print out and store or even give to a friend!