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Searching for Folders in Windows 7

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 2/12/2010

If you are wondering how to search for folders Windows 7, you are in luck. Windows 7 provides many helpful tools such as Instant Search, tagging and custom search folders. Learn how to implement these features.

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    There are several tools that you can use to find what you want on your Windows 7 system. The Instant Search feature is available in many locations. You can add tags to your files to make searching even easier. You can also create custom search folders to use again and again. Read on the find out all about how to search for folders Windows 7.

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    Instant Search

    How to search for folders Windows 7: Instant Search You may have already used the Windows 7 Instant Search feature without even realizing it. Click the Start button and you will notice a search bar at the very bottom of the Start Menu. This is just one of the locations in which you can find the Instant Search feature. It is also in the top right corner of the Documents folder, the Music folder, the Pictures folder and the Search window.

    To use Instant search, simply begin typing the name of the folder, file or program for which you are searching. After just a few letters, Windows 7 will start to offer possible results.

    How to search for folders Windows 7: Instant Search Categories If you are using Instant Search in the Start Menu, Windows 7 will group your results into categories, such as Control Panel, Programs, Internet History and even Email. This will help narrow your choices so that you can find the folder or item you need more quickly. If you use Instant Search within a Library window, such as Documents or Pictures, the results will only pertain to those folders. You can expand the search by selecting an option under Search Again In: at the bottom of the window. Options include Libraries, Homegroup, Computer, Custom and Internet.

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    Tag Files

    Another way to search for folders Windows 7 is to add tags to files with keywords or other properties, such as the author or a date. This can be extremely helpful if you have dozens of folders and hundreds of files and you are wondering how to search for folders in Windows 7 and find what you really need.

    How to search for folders Windows 7: Remove or Add Tags 

    There are many ways that you can add tags to files. You can remove current details by right-clicking a file and select Properties to open the Properties dialog for that item. Go to the Details tab of the dialog and click Remove Properties and Personal Information. This will give you a clean slate, allowing you to enter exactly the tags you want to use when you search for folders in Windows 7.

    You do not have to remove all of the current tags, though. If you click on any item in the Value section of the Details tab of the Properties dialog, the item will become editable and you can add the tags you want to use.

    How to search for folders Windows 7: Add Tags in Folders Another way to add tags is from the Details section of the folder itself. Open a folder, such as Documents or Pictures, or even a subfolder. Click on the file to which you want to add a tag. Go down to the Details section at the very bottom of the folder and click on a property. The field will become editable so you can add custom tags.

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    Search Folders

    How to search for folders Windows 7: Search Folders 

    If you find yourself searching for the same folders again and again, you can create a search folder, which is really just a search that you save. Open the Search folder using the keyboard shortcut Windows Key+F. Type the keyword for which you want to search in the Search box.

    Click the Save Search button on the toolbar. Enter the name you want to give the search into the File Name box of the Save As window and click Save. You can type the keyword into the Instant Search box to bring the saved Search folder up again whenever you need it.

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