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Best Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget Downloads

written by: Jennifer Claerr•edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 6/4/2011

The Windows Vista Sidebar can display cool gadgets such as a calendar, a clock, games and slideshows on your desktop. Once installed, these gadgets are quick and easy to use. Find out where to download gadgets for the Windows Vista Sidebar and how to tell which ones are best.

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    The Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget Gallery

    There are plenty of Windows Vista sidebar download gadgets available for download at the Windows Sidebar gadget gallery, many of them being free. You can find just about any gadget in any category such as search tools, games, mail and instant messaging, multimedia, news and feeds, safety and security, and utilities. You can search and sort the Windows Vista Sidebar gadget gallery by rating, title, date, author, number of downloads and price.

    Many of the Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets have been created by Microsoft and its partners. When these gadgets are loaded in the Windows Vista Sidebar, they will allow quick and easy access to the time, date, local weather and traffic, your CPU's performance as well as to many frequently used tools.

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    Best Windows Vista Sidebar Search Gadget Downloads

    The MultiSearchIt Windows Vista Sidebar gadget allows you to search the Internet using any search engine, such as Google, Yahoo!, Ask, YouTube, eBay, Amazon and more. You can also use the MultiSearchIt gadget to search for maps, images and software. The Google gadget allows easy access to the Google search engine in many different languages. Within the top rated search gadgets, you can also download Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets specifically designed for searching sites such as eBay, YouTube,, Expedia, and the Apple store. You can also find gadgets for searching Google maps and Bing maps within the top rated gadgets.

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    Best Windows Vista Sidebar Utility Gadget Downloads

    Some of the best Windows Vista Sidebar utility gadgets are made by Microsoft. They include a clock, a calendar, a CPU meter, a currency converter, a stock ticker, a slide show, an email address and phone number contact list, a notepad, news gadgets and a puzzle.

    You can add these gadgets by clicking the plus sign at the top of the sidebar. There are also additional utility gadgets you can download from the Windows gallery site. One of the best and most downloaded gadgets is the Speed Test gadget, which tests and monitors your CPU and RAM usage, Internet speed, hard drive space, LAN bandwidth, WiFi signal strength and battery charge. Another favorite Windows Vista Sidebar gadget download is the Drives Meter, which shows the total space on your drives, as well as the used and free space.

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    Best Windows Vista Sidebar Multimedia Gadget Downloads

    Among the best and most popular multimedia Windows Vista sidebar download choices is the Digital Frame gadget. This gadget searches sites such as Flickr, Facebook and RSS feeds for photos, which it displays as a slideshow in an attractive frame. You can also easily change the frame in this gadget's settings.

    The Pandora Radio gadget is another favorite. The Pandora gadget plays music from within the Windows Vista Sidebar. When undocked from the sidebar, it displays the whole Pandora Radio interface. There is also a Rhapsody gadget, an MSN video gadget, multiple YouTube gadgets, BBC news gadgets and an art gallery gadget.

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