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Do You Really Know What You Can Do With Windows Movie Maker?

written by: Om Thoke•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 10/7/2009

Windows Movie Maker is an amazing application that is available absolutely free. The chances are high that it is already installed on your personal computer and waiting for your click to open. There are several advantages of Windows Movie Maker, which include high level movie effects and more.

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    Working with Cameras

    To work with the Windows Movie Maker and make a high-quality movie, you will need a camera that can connect to your computer. Even without a camera, you can still make a movie, though it would be nothing more than a video frame with narration.

    Take your time to survey and become habituated to the navigation panel of Windows Movie Maker. There you'll find a quick listing of capture, edit, ending, and movie creating tips. Below the Capture Movie tab on the left, if you've a photo camera installed, you'd click on "Snap from device," or, if not, simply import pictures, videos and audios.

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    Displays Links to Websites and Automatically Downloads Missing Codecs

    Windows Movie Maker has the capability to display links to various websites, such as potential video hosting providers. What's more, you don't need to struggle to find missing codecs as it can automatically download the required codes for audio or video files.

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    Simple Drag and Drop Operations

    You'll either have a collection of images or your freshly created movie in your listing area. Drag the pictures or video to the bar near the bottom, in the place you'd wish them to be positioned. Adding audio to this bar is done in a similar way.

    Movie effects and changeovers are set after you have dragged everything that you'd wish into your storyboard bar to the very end. Click the word "Storyboard" at the bottom and it will modify it to the timeline variation. To apply the transitions, you must apply them from the timeline.

    The effects get into the box in the bottom left hand corner of all images at that point. The transitions get positioned in the bigger boxes between pictures.

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    Checking Your Progress

    Along the way, you could view your progress in the movie box on the main page to the right. An expert tip here is to get your pictures or videos arranged appropriately at the bottom storyboard bar.

    Prior to adding transitions, look toward the upper left hand corner of your computer screen. Just click file -> “save as" option -- give a name to the file and save it. This is just the usual stuff but remember, Windows Movie Maker could run slow and at such times, your creation will be entirely at sea, and you may need to start from the beginning if you don’t save your creation before things go wrong.

    The succeeding step is to edit and sum up your transitions and add effects whenever you select anything. This makes the process of upload faster and will save your time -- hence you must keep this in mind.

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    Making Narrations is Easy

    You can add audio now, such as music or create a narration by clicking on the microphone near the bottom left corner. Click on the storyboard bar where you want the narration to start. Don’t stop as you are not finished yet, but recap your video at this instance and save it from the file tab once again.

    Once you are happy with your movie, just click save to store. This is the file you will utilize to upload to websites like YouTube.

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    Sharing Your Compilations

    Once you've created a movie with the Windows Movie Maker, you can share it with your friends by emailing it directly, or burn it on to a CD/DVD or any other form of media. This makes the process of sharing your movies effortless, just as easy as the way you send MMS through your cell phone.

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    In a Nutshell

    Windows Movie Maker is an amazing program that brings the goodness of pictures, audio, video and allows the user to combine everything to quickly form a movie, and burn it in CD/DVDs or email them to near and dear ones right away! It automatically downloads codecs, display links to web sites, and allows users to save movies directly onto online video hosting providers.

    You can find more info on Windows Movie Maker provided by Microsoft at this link.

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