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Best Free Software - Backup and Disk Tools

written by: Daniel Barros•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 6/17/2009

In this installment, we come up with the best backup and disk tool freeware for your computer - do you have these gems installed? Find out inside.

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    Freeware FTW

    Free software is the very reason you’re probably reading this article right now. As opposed to a Mac OS, Windows and Linux systems have a bevy of freeware available to them directly from open-source creators. The very first kinds of freeware users typically look for are Backup and Disk Tool freeware.

    First, let’s look at backup tools. There are tons of backup tools available for free on the Internet, however, much like free PC performance software, it gets tough to sift through all the malware and spyware posing as great freeware. To that end here is (in my opinion), the best backup software available for free:

    FBackup 4.1

    In terms of backup software that’s free, nothing comes even remotely close to FBackup. It’s incredibly reliable, and works in ways that some paid software doesn’t even work. Capable of determining which items to backup where and when, FBackup is surprisingly versatile for freeware. Furthermore, FBackup is a small program and is easy to use. And it doesn’t get better than a small, reliable freeware that’s easy to use – that’s a winning combination for this type of freeware. So what are you waiting for? If you need a backup solution, here is the winning product.

    Next, there are disk tools. One of the most commonly Googled items on the bigger list of freeware, there are numerous solutions again, but less spyware to sort through. The best freeware out there comes in two categories – disk defragmentation and all-in-one software:

    Smart Defrag

    Smart Defrag is one of those pieces of software that needs no introduction. Since the dawn of time, Windows has had its own proprietary defragmentation software, but that particular freeware isn’t very good – which has led to an onslaught of online vendors desperately clawing to get your $50 for a not-so-stellar program. Well, much like FBackup, Smart Defrag takes the guesswork out of a great defragmentation job. The software is entirely automated and can even be run on a schedule. Furthermore, the design is well implemented and you can tell the developers spent a lot of time thinking of what would be the best way to get new computer users to effectively use the program. It’s everything you would want in a defrag tool and so much more – and best of all, it’s entirely and unapologetically free!

    Using FBackup and Smart Defrag, chances are, you’ll rarely ever have a hard disk error again or you’ll just end up using the expertly made backup copy to replace everything. Either way, you’re covered from about 20 different angles and won’t have to worry about paying top dollar for software that simply doesn’t do what’s advertised. Even better, if you don’t find it to your liking, just uninstall and don’t worry about pesky spyware or adware being installed. FBackup and Smart Defrag offer one of the best things in life – peace of mind.


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