How to Create a Hard Disk Partition for Windows XP Using Super Fdisk

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Super Fdisk is a disk partition manager that you can use to create hard drive partitions on your Windows XP system. This freeware application is designed to enable users to create, modify and format partitions on their hard disk drives, without destroying their data.

Hard drive partitions offer a convenient, efficient way to organize your files and folders. You can also use these partitions to install dual operating systems on the same PC, installing each OS into its own partition. When you install Windows XP, you will be prompted to create partitions. If you choose to do this later, you can use a utility such as Super Fdisk.

Super Fdisk is relatively easy to use, featuring a range of powerful yet user-friendly functions. Furthermore, you can also choose to create a password for each of your partitions so as to protect your data. This tutorial will show you how to create your own hard drive partition using Super Fdisk.

Creating a Hard Disk Partition for Windows XP

  1. Download and install the Super Fdisk partition manager. It is available at the Tucows website.
  2. Close any other programs that you have running. This is important to avoid any possible interruption in the process as the Super Fdisk creates a partition. Also close any programs that you may have running in the system tray.
  3. Open the Super Fdisk application. In the dialogue window that opens, you will see several options displayed in the user bar.
  4. Click on the option labeled Create to initiate the partitioning process. This launches the Partition Wizard.
  5. Follow the onscreen directions displayed by the Partition Wizard to create your own partition. This will include allocating a specific amount of memory to each partition, as well as the option to set a password to secure the contents of the partition.
  6. Once completed, you will successfully have created a new partition, which you can now use to store and organize the files on your computer.