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Microsoft Excel: Quickly Create Charts For Any Region

written by: Mr Excel•edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 11/18/2011

Problem: You need to create similar charts for each sales region from the transactional data shown in Fig. 994.

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    Strategy: There have been many pivot table examples in the book. It is also possible to make a chart that relies on a pivot table.

    1) Select a single cell in your data and choose Data – PivotTable and PivotChart. In Step 1 of the Wizard, change the last option button to create a pivot chart, as shown in Fig. 995. Hit Next.

    2) Confirm the data range in Step 2. Choose Next, as shown in Fig. 996.

    3) In Step 3, choose Finish, as shown in Fig. 997.

    You will be presented with a blank pivot chart, as shown in Fig. 998.

    4) Drag the Revenue field from the Field list and drop it in the main part of the

    chart, as shown in Fig. 999.

    5) Drag the Date field and drop it in the Category Fields area, as shown in Fig. 1000.

    6) Drag the Product field and drop it in the blue box near the legend on the right side of the chart, as shown in Fig. 1001.

    7) Drag the Region field and drop it in the Page Fields area.

    Result: As shown in Fig. 1002, you can change the Region field to quickly produce a chart for each region.

    Summary: You can use a pivot chart to create charts for several different regions.

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    Fig. 994Fig. 995Fig. 996Fig. 997Fig. 998Fig. 999Fig. 1000Fig. 1001Fig. 1002