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Microsoft Excel: Create A Pivot Table With Fewer Clicks

written by: Mr Excel•edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 7/23/2008

Problem: Even though pivot tables are the fastest way to summarize data, you are looking for an even faster way to create pivot tables.

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    This method is only available in Excel 2000 and newer versions.

    Follow these steps.

    1) Select a single cell in the original data, as shown in Fig. 911.

    2) From the menu, select Data – PivotTable. Click Finish, as shown in Fig. 912.

    You are given a blank pivot table on a new sheet, as shown in Fig. 913.

    3) Drag fields from the field list to the table, as shown in Fig. 914.


    This visual method for creating a pivot table is faster and more intuitive.

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    Fig. 911Fig. 912Fig. 913Fig. 914