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Microsoft Excel: Subtotal Many Columns At Once

written by: Mr Excel•edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 11/18/2011

Problem: As shown in Fig. 688, you have data with 12 months going across the columns. You need to add subtotals to all 12 columns.

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    Strategy: You can subtotal all of the columns at once.

    Result: Subtotals are added to all of the columns at once, as shown in Fig. 691.

    Summary: You can add subtotals to many columns in one pass of the Subtotal command. The downside is that the Excel dialog for Subtotal only lets you checkmark three fields before you have to use the scrollbar.

    Commands Discussed: Subtotals

    1) In the Subtotal dialog, use the scroll bar to scroll through all fields. You can only display three fields at a time. Checkmark the last three fields, as shown in Fig. 689.

    2) Scroll up to show the previous three fields, as shown in Fig. 690.

    3) Checkmark those three fields. Continue this routine, scrolling to reveal three fields, then checkmarking three fields. It gets particularly tedious when you have 36 months’ data, but it is still infinitely faster than doing subtotals manually.

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    Fig. 688Fig. 689Fig. 690Fig. 691