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Microsoft Excel: Use Group And Outline Buttons To Collapse Subtotaled Data

written by: Mr Excel•edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 7/20/2008

Problem: After using the Subtotal command in the previous example, you want to just print the total rows in order to create a summary report for your manager.

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    Strategy: Look to the left of column A, above cell A1. A series of three small numbers appear, as shown in Fig. 671. These are the Group & Outline buttons.

    Using the mouse, choose the small 2 button. You will see just the customer totals, as shown in Fig. 672.

    As shown in Fig. 673, choose the small 1 button to see just the grand total (which seems a bit pointless).

    Choose the 3 button to go back to the detail view, with all records, as shown in Fig. 674.

    Additional Details: In the 2 button view, you can explode a single customer’s detail records by clicking the + next to the customer total, as shown in Fig. 675.

    Use the minus sign next to A32, as shown in Fig. 675, to collapse the detail again. Or, select the 2 button to collapse all.

    Summary: After using the Subtotals command, the Group & Outline buttons allow you to create multiple views of the data.

    Commands Discussed: Data – Subtotals; Group & Outline


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    Fig. 671Fig. 672Fig. 673Fig. 674Fig. 675