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Managing Excel 2007 Add-Ins

written by: •edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 1/27/2009

Like previous versions of the spreadsheet application, Excel 2007 has numerous add-ins that aren’t installed with the initial software setup. Read on to find out how to load these additional components.

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    What are Excel Add-Ins?

    Excel 2007 has a number of tools and features that are not loaded as part of the original installation of the program. These tools, called add-ins, are optional components that serve very detailed purposes, and many casual users of Excel will never have use for these items. However, if and when you do want to use one of these add-ins, you can load it into Excel with just a few easy steps. Once you’ve loaded an add-in, it will continue to be accessible in Excel unless you physically remove or disable it.

    How to Load Add-Ins

    Step 1: Click the Office button and then click Excel Options. (Click any image for a larger view.)

    Excel Options 

    Step 2: In the Excel Options window that appears on your screen, click on Add-Ins from the list of categories in the left panel.

    Add Ins Section of Excel Options 

    Step 3: In the drop down box next to Manage, select Excel Add-Ins. Click the Go button to continue.

    Select Add In to Load 

    Step 4: Put a check in the box next to the add-in you wish to load, and click OK.

    Add Ins Window 

    At this point, you may see a dialog box stating that Excel can’t run the add-in because it’s not installed. Click Yes to install the add-in.

    Prompt to Install 

    Wait for the installation of the add-in to complete. While Excel is processing this addition, a status window will appear on your screen showing the progress. When the installation stage is complete, you’ll be returned to your Excel workbook and the new add-in will be ready for use.

    How to Remove an Add-In

    If you ever need to remove an add-in that has been previously installed, you can do so in much the same way that it was added in the first place.

    Follow Step 1 through Step 3 as described above. When you get to Step 4, uncheck the box next to the add-in that you wish to remove and then click OK. Removing an add-in is much quicker than the initial installation of one, but Excel may still take a moment or two to process the request. After this is done, the add-in will no longer be accessible (unless, of course, you load it again).

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