Top 3 Tutorial Books for Microsoft Expression Web

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Tutorials provide one of the most effective ways to have a comprehensive overview of an application. They also provide both tools and basic knowledge about how well one can maximize the capacity of an application. A tutorial, in fact, is a guide to all the essential aspects of making use of an application. Tutorial books for Microsoft Expression Web have been created to serve these purposes. Quite a number of them provide are fairly comprehensive. The best of them are listed below.

Microsoft Expression Web 2.0 (on Demand) 2nd Revised edition

Microsoft Expression Web 2.0 on Demand was written by Steve Johnson. It is a step-by-step guide for those who are not very proficient with Expression Web but want to learn and practically maneuver through the web design platform on their own. It has all the guidelines to successfully exhaust the benefits of Expression web 2.0.These include how to benchmark the applications, how to troubleshoot when one encounters various errors and complexities, and also how to completely utilize the application. This is accomplished through practical examples which one reads and then applies. Using this book, one can learn how to develop web pages using Expression Web. It provides a collection of tasks and projects which would increase one’s capabilities in web design. Below are some of the vital subjects covered in the tutorial:

  • How to create web sites using drag and drop controls.
  • How to insert Flash, Windows Media, and Photoshop content.
  • How to Create Cascading Style Sheet layouts.
  • How to integrate media and interactive web applications using Microsoft Silver-light.
  • How to create a page design using layout tables.
  • How to explore the capabilities of Microsoft Expression Studio.

Microsoft Expression Web for Windows: Visual Quick start Guide (2nd edition)

The creator of this book, Nolan Hester, developed 600 screenshots to give users of Expression Web an idea of how to go about the web design and programming process easily and successfully. This tutorial is the most detailed guide to using Microsoft Expression. It draws out for you the procedures on how to use templates to bring out complete uniform websites, making this tutorial a must-buy for programmers and web designers. It also helps the user to use creative layouts that can be reconfigured with the click of a button. This book helps one to learn how to give websites a gloss that is attractive. It also comes with a variety of interactive behaviors and forms. Below are some of the key areas this tutorial helps a user to understand comprehensively.

  • How to add interactive buttons and create hyperlinks.
  • How to create dynamic Web templates to reuse.
  • How to create forms to gather online information.
  • How to write, edit, and optimize code and scripts.

Special Edition Using Microsoft Expression Web 2

This is another very concise book which helps the user learn more about Expression Web. This tutorial guides the web designer or a programmer through real examples on how to go about a process. In fact this is a practical-like tutorial, offering the most comprehensive guide to make use of Microsoft Expression Web. This tutorial has complete workshops that help the user arrange and compile a set of tasks so as to have an ability to creatively make designs using Expression Web. These exercises are real-life examples about commonplace errors that occur when one is using Expression Web. These examples include the following;

  • How to use IntelliSense to help reduce coding errors.
  • How to retrieve and present data from live RSS feeds.
  • How to integrate data from databases or XML data.
  • How to create dynamic web content using ASP .NET technology.

This book also includes Expression Web example files that a user requires for projects.


The above set of books are rated as the best sources of guidelines and relevant information that can project the best ways to manipulate Microsoft Expression Web which is meant for web design. As such one should use these tutorials so as to maximize his abilities with Expression Web. They provide detail examples and practicals which will allow you to develop the much required proficiency in web design.

Of course, we also have numerous Expression Web tutorials for users of all levels that can be accessed for free here at Bright Hub. In addition, if you want to add some more predesigned layouts to your web design library, check out this article on Expression Web templates.