Windows 10 Tutorial: How to Delete Information Collected by Cortana

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This article continues from the directions in “Disabling Windows 10’s Cortana to Improve Privacy.”

To remove collected data from Cortanta, follow these steps.

1. Disable Cortana in either the Cortana pop-up or the Getting to Know You section of Windows privacy settings, as explained in previous article.

2. Click Manage What Cortana Knows About Me in the Cloud in the Cortana popup’s Settings section or select Go to Bing and Manage Personal Info for All Your Devices from the Speech, Inking, & Typing tab of the Windows 10 privacy settings.

You can also locate the appropriate section through your browser by logging in to your Microsoft account, clicking your profile picture and choosing Account Settings > Security & Privacy > More Personalization Settings.

3. Click Clear in the Interests section. This will clear interests and favorites associated with Cortana, as well as Bing and MSN.

4. Click Clear on the confirmation page.

6. Click Clear one final time on the confirmation page.

This post is part of the series: Disabling & Removing Data from Windows 10 Cortana

If you’re concerned about privacy, this tutorial is for you.

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