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Windows 7 Guide to Customizing Folder Appearance

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Bill Fulks•updated: 3/24/2011

With this Windows 7 customize folder appearance guide, you will learn how to change the appearance of folders. In other words, you will learn how to change folder files from titles to icons to larger icons and how to preview things you select.

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    Understanding Windows 7 Folder Customizing

    windows-folder-appearance-folder Let's get a little understanding of Windows 7 customize folder appearance options. When you open a folder, you have the option of changing the size of files, changing the files to details, icons, and titles, and you have the option of changing what is shown in the folder, which is known as the folder layout. If you are looking for photos, it is better to change the files from details to icons. Not only can you change them to icons so you can see them, but you can also change them to larger icons so you can see a larger view of the photos.

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    Opening a Folder & Customizing the Files in the Folder

    windows-folder-appearance-icons Let's begin with opening a folder. The best folder to open for this tutorial is the Pictures folder located in your Documents folder. So, proceed with opening the pictures folder and we will get started with this tutorial.

    We will begin with changing the appearance of the folder. In the top, right corner of the folder, you will see the four boxes with the arrow. Click the arrow and a menu will open with a scroll bar. In this menu, you will see Details, List, Small Icons, Medium Icons, and so on. Grab the scroll bar with your mouse and move the bar to the option you want. You will see the files in your folder changing as you are moving the bar. When you have the appearance set to what you want, you can click off of the menu and it will close. Any time you need to make changes to the appearance of your icons in a folder, use this option.

    If you are looking for a file that was created on a certain date, using the Details options would work best in this situation. Using the details option would show you the name of the file, when it was created, and more.

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    Changing the Layout of a Folder

    Windows 7 Folder Options Next, I will show you how to change Windows 7 folder options by changing the layout of folders. You should still have your folder open, if not, open it again. In the top, right corner of your folder you will see the Organize button with the arrow. Click the arrow and you will see the Layout option in the menu. Place your mouse on the Layout option and another menu will open. In this menu, you will see the different options you have for displaying things in your Windows 7 folders.

    If the options in the menu is checked, it means they are being displayed in your folder. If they are not checked, they are not being displayed. If you want to display something that is not being displayed, you can click the option and it will show in your folder. If there are things showing that you do not want to show, you can click it and it will be removed. This is how you can change the folder options in Windows 7.

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