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Cool Abstract Windows Desktop Wallpaper

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 3/24/2011

Each of these unique wallpapers offer something a little different if you've grown tired of landscapes, puppies, and sports teams.

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    Abstract wallpaper is really unique and cool to look at. If you are looking for a wallpaper that will stand out on your desktop, you should consider going with an abstract. There are many different types of abstract wallpapers along with different shapes and colors. Take a look at the wallpapers in this guide to find a cool one for your computer. If you are using Windows 7, you can create an abstract slideshow for your desktop wallpaper. If you need help with creating your slideshow, see this guide for help, "Wallpapers in Windows 7."

    You can open each wallpaper below by using the links at the bottom of this guide, located in the Resources box.

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    Purple Floral Abstract Wallpaper

    Purple Floral Abstract Wallpaper The first abstract wallpaper in this guide is the purple floral wallpaper. This is a really beautiful wallpaper that is relaxing and enchanting to look at. When you set it as your wallpaper, you can rearrange your desktop icons to be positioned in the bottom, right corner of your desktop. You may even want to change the icons to white if they aren't already. That will make a beautiful desktop.

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    Blue Ocean and Moon Abstract Wallpaper

    Blue Ocean and Moon Abstract Wallpaper The next wallpaper is also very relaxing and beautiful. In this abstract wallpaper is an ocean and a moon in the background. To use this wallpaper as your desktop's wallpaper, you will definitely have to go with a light color for your icons on your desktop. If you go with a darker color, it will be really hard to see with this dark wallpaper.

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    Abstract Hearts and Butterflies Wallpaper

    Abstract Hearts and Butterflies Wallpaper The next wallpaper is a bit different from the above two. This wallpaper is the drawn abstract type with circles, hearts, vines and other artwork. There are many colors in this wallpaper with a washed out style to them. This abstract wallpaper is really cute.

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    Heart and Wings Abstract Wallpaper

    Heart and Wings Abstract Wallpaper The next wallpaper in our list was created in Photoshop. The wallpaper is a glass heart with white wings and flames coming off of the heart. The background of the wallpaper is a red and burgundy gradient. This is a really nice wallpaper and light color icons will look good with it.

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    Butterfly and Paint Splatters Abstract Wallpaper

    Butterfly and Paint Splatters Abstract Wallpaper The last abstract wallpaper in this list is a butterfly. The background of the wallpaper is different shades of blue. The butterfly is also blue and there are paint splatters on the background and butterfly. If you have a lot of icons on your desktop, this wallpaper will probably not work that well. Since there is so much artwork in this wallpaper, it would make it difficult to see some icons if you have a lot. You may have to clean up your desktop beforehand.

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