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Unique Religious Easter Wallpaper for Windows

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 3/24/2011

With Easter coming quickly, you may want to start finding the perfect religious Easter wallpaper for your desktop. In this guide, I will list some of the best free religious Easter wallpaper online.

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    Easter Wallpaper

    All of the Easter wallpaper in this guide is free for you to download and use. In most browsers, all you have to do is right-click on the wallpaper and choose the option to save it to your desktop. If you are using Windows 7, you have the option of using the slideshow wallpaper. If you need help with using wallpaper in Windows 7, please see this Windows 7 Wallpaper Guide.

    To use the wallpaper in this list, please use the links in the Resource box at the bottom of this guide.

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    Easter Cross with Flowers Wallpaper

    religious-easter-wallpaper-eastercrosswithflowers The first wallpaper in our list of religious Easter wallpaper is the Easter Cross with Flowers wallpaper. This is a beautiful wallpaper with a transparent cross on top of beautiful flowers. This wallpaper is 1,280 x 960 pixels. Even if this isn't the size of your desktop, you can still use it as your wallpaper.

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    Easter Egg Cross Wallpaper

    Easter Egg Wallpaper The next wallpaper in this list is the Easter Egg Cross wallpaper. This wallpaper has a lovely green background with three Easter eggs in the bottom, right corner. One of the eggs is decorated with a cross. This is a really cute wallpaper that measures 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. With the wallpaper this large, you shouldn't have any problem fitting it to your desktop.

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    Pink Ribbon Cross Wallpaper

    Pink Ribbon Cross The next free religious Easter wallpaper is the pink ribbon cross wallpaper. The wallpaper has a light color background with a cross in the bottom left corner. The cross is made of a pink ribbon and has flowers arranged on it. This is a beautiful wallpaper you can use for Easter or any other time. This wallpaper is 1,600 x 1,200, so this should fit most desktops with no problem at all.

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    Jesus Easter Wallpaper

    Jesus Easter Wallpaper The Jesus Easter wallpaper is amazing. When I first saw it, it took my breath away. In the wallpaper is a glass egg with Jesus' face in it. The egg has a beautiful reflection that brings out the glass of the egg. In the left corner is a flower that really adds that extra touch of beauty to it.

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    Happy Easter Cross Wallpaper

    Happy Easter Cross Wallpaper The last Windows wallpaper on this list is the Happy Easter Cross wallpaper. This is a 3D cross wallpaper with the words "Happy Easter". The wallpaper has a blue and red gradient applied to it. It is a beautiful wallpaper and should fit most desktops.

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