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How To Use PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2011 - A Guide

written by: •edited by: Bill Fulks•updated: 2/18/2011

If your computer is running at the speed of cold molasses, PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2011 can be a godsend. Here’s how to use it.

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    Why Everyone Needs Registry Mechanic

    PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2011 is a lifesaving application, especially if you downloaded a buggy program onto your computer. It helps clean up the mess from a failed uninstall of some piece of freeware or shareware that you’ve discovered was not all it claimed or worse yet, was malware or spyware in disguise. Here is a brief PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2011 guide.

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    Initial Steps

    The program is similar in some ways to antivirus software in that you purchase a renewable license for up to 3 computers on an annual basis and can be downloaded or purchased on a disk. PC Tools also offers antivirus protection as well. Depending on your source, you can expect to pay around 30 dollars for PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2011, but discounts are always out there.

    After downloading or inserting the disc, installing the program is simple; you accept the terms and elect for the default settings. You will need to decide if you will have the program scan your registry at boot up or not. If you have decided to purchase this based on recent virus or malware attack, you may feel this is a good prospect; it will however, cause an increase in the time your computer takes to boot up.

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    Running a Scan

    When you run your first scan, you are probably going to see what seems to be a massive number of problems. The number could run into the hundreds with nearly all of them being of minute impact. You should see this number decrease dramatically as you run more regular scans. The log displayed will have the problems ranked as for high, medium or low priority.

    Also on the scan results window will be a legend of where, in terms of categories, the errors were found. Some of the categories include: software locations, shared DLLs, fonts, add or remove programs and shortcuts. This can be helpful as seeing where the errors are occurring may give some insight as to how they are being originated.

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    Points to Remember

    You will have the option to set PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2011 to constantly monitor in the background to alert you as problems are found. There is also the option to log the problems repaired so that if there was a false positive on an error and a valid entry was removed, it can be restored. Initially, you may want to choose to run the program at night or at times of inactivity.

    If you currently have an Internet security suite, you may already have a registry correction feature included which may eliminate the need to buy the software. Purchase of the software entitles you to premium support; you can phone, chat or email a tech support representative for answers to your questions. PC Tools also offers an extensive online knowledge base and links to user forums should you feel that will be the best alternative.

    For more detailed coverage of what this software does, be sure to read our PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2011 review.

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