How to Use a Digital Notepad with Microsoft Office OneNote

How to Use a Digital Notepad with Microsoft Office OneNote
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Digital notepads are a very popular medium, because of their portability and their mobility. They combine the aspect of writing notes on paper or a physical notepad along with the technology of computers, allowing for those that take notes on a daily basis - such as for meetings or classes - to import them onto their computer through either scanning or by using USB cords. The fact that you can easily put one of these within your purse or even your pocket makes these devices a great way to bring with you anywhere you need to have a notepad handy.

Digital notepads are being utilized like laptops, especially for notetaking and recording your voice in order to help with the notes you took. If you’re using the Microsoft Office suite, you can use the OneNote program in order to carry your notes over from your digital notepad to that of your computer.

In this article, learn how to use a digital notepad with Microsoft OneNote.

How to Use a Digital Notepad with Microsoft OneNote

Using a digital notepad with Microsoft OneNote is not only easy, but for the newer versions of the Windows operating systems, the

ability to use one is natively a part of the system. Windows Vista and that of Windows 7 have features dedicated to moving your digital notes to that of you computer and even into OneNote.

The versions of OneNote from 2007 and onwards allows you to use any type of writing device from your digital notepad or a tablet to hand write and then publish through OneNote. You can also use a USB cord to connect your digital notepad to that of your computer or laptop. Follow these steps to get started:

Connecting Your Digital Notepad

  1. Depending on the model and make of your digital notepad, you have received a USB cord or your device is able to utilize a USB cord.
  2. Connect the cord to that of a USB port on your desktop or laptop.
  3. Connect the cord to your digital notepad. Make sure that both devices are turned on and running.
  4. Windows will automatically begin to search and install the drivers for your device. If the digital notepad came with a CD disc on how to install the device, you can use that as well as a walkthrough and introduction.
  5. Once Windows finds your drivers (or you have installed them from the CD), you can begin to use your digital notepad with your computer.
  6. Your digital notepad may show up as an external drive or that of a tablet PC, again depending on the device and that of your operating system.
  7. Open OneNote and export any notes from your digital notepad to the program.

Again, depending on the make and model of your digital notepad, there may be software that will go with your chosen operating system. Current digital notepads are available for the Windows platform and for certain Apple products that can walk you through how to use your device, as well as showing you how to use your notes in other Office products.

Digital notepads can be found through several different local and online retailers such as