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Panda SafeCD: Live CD to Remove Malware in Windows

written by: Donna Buenaventura•edited by: Bill Bunter•updated: 2/21/2011

Ever wonder if there’s a live CD that can remove malware without booting to Windows? Learn about Panda SafeCD to remove malware if Windows failed to load.

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    Panda Software has released a free utility, Panda SafeCD that will scan and disinfect malware without booting to Windows. The free utility was made available only last July 2009 and it can be use in several languages.

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    How to Use Panda SafeCD?

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    Panda SafeCD Panda SafeCD is available for download from Panda servers as ISO file. You are only required to burn the ISO file in a CD/DVD or by using UNetbootin, Universal Netboot Installer to create a boot USB stick. When done, you can start using Panda SafeCD by booting to it to start scanning and disinfecting a system that failed to start due to malware infection or if other malware scanner failed to clean-up a system while in Windows mode.

    The detection signatures in Panda SafeCD cannot be updated which means you have to download and burn again the utility each time you want to rescue a system using a current detection signature files. If you happened to be a Panda customer, Panda SafeCD will search your system drive for newer signatures. If nothing is found, the scanner will use the available detection signature that is included in the package.

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    Options in Using Panda SafeCD

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    The free utility, Panda SafeCD has the option to scan all the connected hard-drive. There is Advanced option to configure which partition or hard-drive to scan by SafeCD of Panda. Pressing the “space bar“ in your keyboard while in Advanced mode will enable or disable the scan on particular drives or partition.

    Another option in using Panda SafeCD is to save the scan or disinfection result in a file. It is saved as safecd.tgz. If you decide to stop the scan using SafeCD, you only need to press the “T” character in your keyboard.

    However, some useful options are not available in using Panda SafeCD: There is no option to pause or repeat the scan and options go back to main menu. To repeat in using Panda SafeCD or re-configure which drive or partition to scan, you have to restart the system and boot to Panda SafeCD again.

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    When I tried Panda SafeCD on Vista system that is infected with rogue, Windows Protection Suite and with a Trojan-downloader file that will download and install another rogue program, PC Antispyware 2010, Panda SafeCD failed to detect any of existing infection or malware installer.

    The scan has finished though in acceptable time and did not give any error. Note that Panda SafeCD will not run in virtual environment even if you can boot to Panda SafeCD while you are in a guest system.

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    Price to Value

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    Panda SafeCD is a free of charge rescue utility for Windows.

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    I’ve given thumbs up for Panda SafeCD for the ease of use but the failure to remove known malware that is prevalent for months; you might want to look for alternative solution to rescue the system.