Norton Anti Virus Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting

Written by:  Rebecca Scudder • Edited by: Tricia Goss
Published Nov 4, 2010

Norton's Anti-Virus program is a well know security application. Read about tricks and tips for getting the most from your use of Norton Anti-Virus. We cover everything from getting a free trial, running their free malware tools, and uninstalling, if the program is not right for you.

Norton Anti-Virus: How to get the best protection possible

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Symantec, who make the Norton line of security applications including Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security, provides users with a powerful tool to keep their computers and identities safe.

However, utilizing their applications to stay safe is also dependent on the end user.

Bright Hub has information that can help you decide the best security product for your system, and best practices for using it.

Norton Anti Virus protection

Norton is a name well known among those who want a protected computer. Almost every day stories are written and read about money and identities stolen, and computers removed from their owner's control by bot-nets. Norton Anti-Virus can help you from joining those victims, or reclaiming your computer and safeguarding your property.

In the Norton Anti-Virus 2010 Review, you can read a detailed description of what Norton Anti-Virus can do, along with directions for setting it up. While the review is for Norton AV 2010, Norton 2011 has recently been released, and most of the interface is the same.

Now you have it, now you don't

If you decide you want to run Norton Anti-virus on your computer, and you have had another anti-virus or security program installed, you must uninstall it from your system, not just stop your use of it. This is because anti-virus programs can perceive another anti-virus program and see their virus definitions as positives for viruses, and that will interfere with the new protection of your system. Check the website for the specific program to see if you need to use a special uninstall tool to remove their program from your system.

Otherwise, you can uninstall using Revo uninstaller or the uninstall option in the Windows control panel, under programs and features. Revo is a very useful tool, and does a great job searching out stray registry entries that the Windows uninstaller misses.

Once you have removed you previous anti-virus program, go ahead and install Norton AV.

A tip for trying Norton AV 2011 30 day free trial

If you are interested in trying Norton Anti-Virus 2011, you can download it for a 30 day trial from the Norton site, or from CNET. Downloading it from CNET does not require you to give credit card information, so it is the wiser option if you are not sure you will keep using Norton as your anti-virus software.

If you do download directly from Norton, as Donna notes in her comprehensive review of Norton AV 2010, Norton will bill your credit card if you forget to cancel within the 30 day trial. This is known as an opt out trial, and I endorse her suggestion that you try it through CNET without providing credit card information.

Norton logo Norton does have a number of their programs available for free trials, if you are interested, and they are detailed in this article, along with explanations for each.

There are other anti-virus programs available from well known companies, and you may find you want to try a couple before deciding on your final protection decision.

Just remember that you should download your new software to your computer, so you can install it as soon as you uninstall the security software you are using. Do as much of the installation as you can without an active connection to the Internet, so your computer is not surfing the net unprotected.

On the next page we cover using Norton's special free malware tools, and how to uninstall Norton if it is not the program for you.

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