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How to remove Systemerrorfixer spyware

written by: PreciousJohnDoe•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 7/29/2010

Systemerrorfixer is a fake spyware program similar to other spyware programs like windows police pro, windows antivirus pro and many others that infect your system with Adwares, Trojans and other dangerous and malicious programs.

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    What is Systemerrorfixer?

    Systemerrorfixer is a type of rogueware. Systemerrorfixer works by installing malicious code on your computer and then generates a fake warning message “Severe system errors detected.” The main objective of Systemerrorfixer is to force the user into buying the full version of software, after which, your computer system may even be exposed to more malicious applications. This spyware application may even access important files on the hard drive of your computer system and transfer them to the owner of the spyware application causing you huge financial losses.


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    Symptoms of Infection - Systemerrorfixer Spyware

    • Frequent warning messages that your computer system has severe errors or your system is infected with xyz virus.
    • Slow computer performance.
    • Continuous usage of internet bandwidth, even when you are not using the internet.
    • Applications freeze more often than usual.

    systemerrorfixer fake alert 

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    How to Remove Systemerrorfixer Spyware

    In order to remove Systemerrorfixer, you need to follow both manual as well as automatic processes to ensure complete removal of Systemerrorfixer spyware from your computer system.

    As usual, the manual process involves removal of registry entries, deletion of files and termination of processes, whereas, the automatic process ensures that all the traces of the spyware program are removed from your computer system.

    Manual Removal Process

    Step 1: Press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together to open up Task Manager. In the Task Manager window, look for the following processes and kill them by pressing End Process button.

    task manager 

    strpmon.exe , unins000.exe, ucookw.exe, SysRep.exe and transpaid.exe

    Step 2: After you have killed the above mentioned processes, look for the following files by searching for them in your computer and then deleting each one of them.

    strpmon.exe , unins000.exe, SystemErrorFixer.lnk, SysRep.exe and Uninstall SystemErrorFixer.lnk

    Also, remove any Systemerrorfixer folder that you find on your computer system.

    Step 3: The last step in the manual removal process of Systemerrorfixer spyware is to delete the registry entries associated with the Systemerrorfixer spyware program.

    run window 

    Press Windows key + R to open up the Run window. Type regedit and press the Enter key. In the Registry Editor window look for the registry keys (refer to the image) and then delete each one of the mentioned registry keys.

    registry entries 

    registry editor 

    Finally, restart your computer when done.

    Automatic Removal Process

    After you are done with the manual process to remove Systemerrorfixer, you also need to follow the automatic process, in order to ensure complete removal of Systemerrorfixer spyware from your computer system.

    For this you need to download and install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware program. For a guide on how to use MalwareBytes Anti-Malware program, follow this link “How to use MalwareBytes Anti-Malware?

    Make sure you restart your computer after using MalwareBytes Anti-Malware program to remove traces of Systemerrorfixer spyware.

    Note: In order to ensure complete removal of Systemerrorfixer, you need to follow both the manual as well as the automatic process.