DropMyRights Review: Using DropMyRights To Boost Your Security.

Understanding User Access Control.

Most users are administrators on their computers, most know their rights as an administrator. Many people do no realize that the programs, they are running, have the same rights as they do. User Access Control helps regulate a program’s rights. Limiting some rights on a program to certain rights can help boost your computer security. Microsoft has added a User Access Control (UAC) in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Many people are annoyed with the UAC in Vista, even though it helps the security of the computer. There is an alternative to this. This alternative is called DropMyRights.

Installing DropMyRights

Microsoft has a free program called DropMyRights, This program is basically a simple User Access Control program To first start using DropMyRights you first must download it here. Go ahead and run the Microsoft Self Installer file (MSI).

Basic Use Of DropMyRights.

Using Dropmyrights is very simple. First after installing it, drag dropmyrights.exe to a folder. If you want to run firefox as a non-admin then you need to create a shortcut for firefox. Creating a shortcut and first put the DropMyRights Location in the shortcut, for example mine was C:/DropMyRights.exe so I put this first, next put a space. Now you need to put the path of the application or software your using. Make sure that it is in quotations. I decided to use firefox. So the path of firefox is "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" so all together is should be.

C:\DropMyRights.exe "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" Then go ahead and create the shortcut. This will run it in a non-admin mode.

Modifying Your Rights.

The program is set to as a normal user, as a default. The normal user has normal rights, not admin rights, This does stop malware from adding registry files or modifying system32. There are more rights you can modify by simply adding something to the shortcut.

The Following Rights are: Normal User (‘N’), Constrained (‘C’), Untrusted (‘U’). To change these you must add the letter like this C so for example the path must be this: C:\DropMyRights.exe "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" C

Important Reminders.

In order to use the limited program, you must use the created shortcut. DropMyRights is a very useful tools. To know more about the differences in rights click here. Normal users don’t need dropmyrights to run as a normal user. Make sure you follow all these steps correctly so it can work.