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Top 6 Leather Cases for Macbook and Macbook Air

written by: Amy Carson•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 12/9/2010

These leather and imitation leather laptop cases will keep your Macbook or Macbook Air snug as a bug. With designs ranging from the normal to the unique — a manila envelope or a real book, anyone? — this roundup will help you decide on the perfect leather Macbook case for you.

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    Macally Protection Shell for Macbook

    macallyprot The Macally leather Macbook case comes in two pieces that snap snugly around your computer. Reviewers praise its quick installation — "about 10 seconds" — and the soft interior suede lining which protects the Macbook's case from scratches and wear. Like all good laptop shells, the Macally Protection Shell leaves access to all ports and plugs open. We consider this highly-rated leather cover a good deal at about $30.

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    Twelve South BookBook

    bookbook Want to turn some heads? Try carrying a large, old, distressed leather book into a coffee shop, setting it down lengthwise in front of you, and opening it up to reveal your Macbook.

    You can do just that with Twelve South's BookBook, a hard leather case for the Macbook that is designed to look like a large leather-bound book. Handmade and hand-distressed, each BookBook is unique, and looking like a real book provides security for your Macbook.

    Reviewers say the BookBook is great-looking, form-fitting, and, surprisingly, adds little extra bulk to the Macbook itself. The Twelve South BookBook sells for about $80.

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    Macally Bookshell Leather Protective Cover

    bookshell For those seeking the look and feel of leather, check out the Macally Bookshell. It's an imitation leather case designed specifically for Macbooks. Like Macally's Protection Shell above, the Bookshell comes in two pieces that snap together on your Macbook to provide protection. A suede lining protects the case itself from scratches and dust.

    The Macally Bookshell imitation leather Macbook case sells for about $25.

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    Xgear Black Silhouette Leather Case

    xgear Another faux-leather offering, the Xgear Silhouette Macbook case features a slender profile and a hole for the Apple logo to peek through. The hole comes with a clear acrylic disk fitted into it that can be removed.

    Reviewers find the Silhouette case attractive and easy to install, but complain that it covers up the Bluetooth light. The Xgear Silhouette leather case sells for around $29.

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    Air Manila Leather Laptop Envelope/Sleeve

    airmanila Now we move on to some leather case options for the Macbook Air. The Air Manila Leather Laptop Envelope is a unique design — it looks just like a large interoffice envelope, complete with red cord to tie it shut! Touted as being made with a high-quality textured leather, the Air Manila is lined with fuzzy velour and padded on all sides to protect your Macbook Air.

    airmanila2 Reviews praise the quality of the leather, the fit of the case to their Macbook Air, and the unique "manila envelope" look. The Air Manila Leather Macbook Envelope is available for about $46.

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    Incipio Technologies Orion Sleeve Case

    incipio Incipio's Orion Sleeve is another well-designed Macbook Air cover. Extremely thin and light, the Orion adds less than 8 ounces to your Macbook. While it's made of synthetic leather, the soft micro suede lining protects the laptop inside, and the sleeve design hugs it closely. Reviewers love the variety of colors — the Orion comes in pink, white, cram, orange, gray, black, and green — and resistance to dirt.

    The Incipio Orion Sleeve for Macbook Air costs about $29.

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