The Limited Edition Black MacBook: Where Do I Find One?

Colors? Bah! They’re So Uncool!

Silver is sexy! Or so that appears to be the motto at Apple. It wasn’t long ago that the company’s design seemed to be fun and cheery. Remember the clamshell iBooks, which were available in multiple colors?

That’s long gone. Modern Apple computers are serious business. They’re clad in professional, buttoned-down silver. Somehow, Apple has become popular by adopting a design aesthetic that, in most other industries, would be considered dull and boring.

For some Apple fans, this is a dismal turn. It likely won’t be long until the white MacBook is killed, as well. And what about the limited edition black MacBooks that sold a few years ago?

Black Apple MacBook: RIP 2006-2008

Limited Edition Black MacBook

The original MacBook debuted in 2006. This older polycarbonate design pre-dates the current unibody model significantly and, unlike the current MacBook, it was available in two colors – white and black. At the time, the MacBook was debuted alongside a similar MacBook Pro that also did not have a unibody design.

Apple offered the black MacBook until late 2008. The discontinuation of the black MacBook was fairly abrupt. During a typical Mac conference it was announced that the MacBook would be receiving some minor updates and would have its price dropped by $100. They did not talk about the black MacBook being kicked to the curb, but that’s what happened when the Apple store was updated. The most likely reason for the black MacBook’s execution was the MacBook Pro. The black MacBooks existed as a way to give MacBook buyers a more “professional” exterior. As the Pro was refined, this became unnecessary.

While many refer to this model as the limited edition black MacBook, it was never sold as such. It was just a normal MacBook. It’s been two years since the black MacBook was discontinued, so it’s long gone from the Apple refurb store.

But I Still Want a Black MacBook!

Black MacBook

Since you can’t buy a black MacBook from Apple, and they’re considered to be a bit of a collector’s item now that they’re discontinued, it can be hard to get a hold of a black MacBook. Your best bet is the usual suspect – Ebay. There are usually a few black MacBooks available, and they usually sell for between $500 and $700.

Alternatively, you can create your own black MacBook by purchasing one and giving it a custom paintjob. One company that offers this service is Colorware. They will sell you a custom MacBook for $1699, or you can send in your own MacBook to have it painted for $499.

If that sounds pricey (it is!) you can also try purchasing a black MacBook case. These cases strap to the exterior of your MacBook and provide protection from scratches and bumps. The interior will still be white, but you’ll only have to spend $20 or $30 bucks.