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The Best Cookbook Software for Mac OS X

written by: •edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 10/6/2010

Digitize your recipe scrapbook with one of these superb cookbook applications for Mac OS X!

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    Edit and Compile Your Recipes!

    Do you have ambitions to be a successful food writer? Or do you simply want to compile all of your favourite recipes into one easy to manage volume?

    Cookbook software is becoming increasingly popular, and various apps are available on all of the major operating systems. Whereas you might have previous collected recipes in a notebook, or typed them up in Microsoft Word, you can now purchase cookbook software for Mac OS X. You can even download it for free!

    We’ve collected a stellar selection of the best cookbook software for you to consider.

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    MacGourmet cookbook software for Mac OS X If you’re looking for a way to create and edit recipes, MacGourmet should be your first port of call. Along with the standard cookbook software features, this app also allows you to maintain notes, build custom lists and even include publishing and clipping from web pages as well as offering notes for nutritional analysis.

    Most importantly, you can also use MacGourmet to compile an actual cookbook! As with all the best modern Mac software, you can also sync recipes to an iPhone or iPod Touch, a great way to share your creations! This really is a feature-packed application, and it is well worth trying out the demo.

    Available for $24.95, you can download MacGourmet (requiring Mac OS X 10.4 or later) from

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    The Computer Cookbook X 3.1 for Mac

    The Computer Cookbook X cookbook software for Mac OS X In sharp contrast to the high functionality of MacGourmat comes The Computer Cookbook X 3.1, a much simpler application that does away with bells and whistles and gets on with the task of allowing you to add ingredients, amounts, directions and photos.

    This application is a great option for anyone wanting to collate their own recipes purely for their own use, although the interface design could do with some updating.

    Compatible with Mac OS X 10.0 – 10.3, you can get a copy of The Computer Cookbook X 3.1 from, priced $21.95.

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    CookWare Deluxe Cookbook Software for Mac OS X

    CookWare Deluxe Cookbook Software for Mac OS X A more polished example of cookbook software for Mac OS X computers, Cookware Deluxe combines the usual recipe writing, management and printing features with an excellent search facility – find recipes by searching on recipe name, ingredients, course, region of origin and more!

    Units of measurement can be converted, spelling can be checked and Cookware Deluxe also offers a range of printing options.

    This is a feature-packed application available for $35.95, and it certainly seems to be worth every cent. Download a trial version – suitable for Power PC and Intel Macs – from

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    Computer Cuisine Deluxe

    Computer Cuisine Deluxe With an attractive notebook style use interface, Computer Cuisine Deluxe is comprehensive cookbook software for Macs, with a range of features including the usual unit conversion and printing options as well as the more interesting unit multipliers (useful for scaling-up a meal for 2 to a meal for 5), a weekly planner and a nutritional guide.

    Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later, Computer Cuisine Deluxe has recently been updated to allow integration with a free "Cuisine to Go" iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app – this allows you to take a shopping list on your portable device. Visit to purchase Computer Cuisine Deluxe for $29.95

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    Yum 4.0.2 for Mac

    Yum cookbook software for Mac OS X The latest version of Yum has been released in late 2010, an application that includes options to copy recipes to your iPhone, organize recipes on your Mac by category, tag and more. You can even browse photos of your recipes in question rather than search by title, and if you’re still lacking inspiration, check recipes in the Yum cloud!

    Ingredient multiplying (for changing a meal for 2 into a meal for 3, for example) is also included, and Yum can also be used to print shopping lists based on the ingredients you need.

    Mac OS X 10.5 or later is required to run Yum 4.0.2; costing $29.00, Yum is available as a trial download from