LoJack for your MacBook Review — Just like LoJack for your car

Safeguard your Mac with the LoJack Range of Software

LoJack for Mac is brought to you by the same company that makes the LoJack software as well as hardware system for cars and motorcycles. The LoJack company makes the best vehicle software and hardware recovery systems know to man. Alright, maybe that was a stretch. The LoJack company makes the best commercially available vehicle recovery system available in the United States of America. So why did I bring that up? Simply because the LoJack for Laptops (Mac version) is one that has been developed by the same guys who guarantee a 24 hour recovery of your vehicle, but don’t take their word for it! Even insurance companies that will have to pay you in case your vehicle is stolen choose to charge you lower premiums because of the fact. Now that is the best testimonial of a product that I’ve ever heard.

Your MacBook is the Center of your Life.

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If you are like any typical Apple user, there is a good chance that you MacBook is the home where you store your music, pictures, movies, videos of vacations as well as office documents. The importance of each of those aspects is further emboldened when you think of how important the data on your computer is if you are a creator of content, your computer is home to all your life’s work. What would happen if your computer got stolen? Can you even put a price on all the pictures you will lose?

I wouldn’t expect you to answer that question, but since the Standard Edition of the LoJack software for MacBooks is prices at $39.99 I can definitely tell you how much it would cost to keep it all safe. The best feature of the LoJack when compared to the similar software is that it installs itself in your MacBook’s EFI chip which means that the computer will load the software immediately as it boots which makes it difficult for the thief to uninstall the software since the installation isn’t user reversible — only the company can do it for you.

What is the User Experience Like?

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Since there isn’t any software to really see after the product has been installed, the real user experience commences when you report your Macintosh as stolen. Since I obviously couldn’t test this out for you, I’d like to direct your attention to the Success Stories page on LoJack’s website. Not only will the LoJack team track your MacBook’s location, they will also engage the authorities. It really is an extremely convenient solution. If it helps, the company also offers a $1000 service guarantee.

What if my Computer can’t be Found?


That is one of the most common questions that comes up whenever someone gets a LoJack on their laptop. Worry not as the company offers you the second best choice — the ability to wipe your computer’s hard drive remotely which will allow you to delete all the personal and sensitive data from your computer.

If you are thinking of getting your MacBook insured, then get the LoJack system for your laptops. It is better than anything else out there.