Mac Book or Mac Book Pro - Decide Which is Best for You in 5 Easy Steps

Mac Book or Mac Book Pro - Decide Which is Best for You in 5 Easy Steps
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About Online Reviews

Mac book or Mac book pro? Both are great notebooks. If you were to check out Mac book vs Mac book pro reviews from any major review site, be it customer review or expert review, you would find one thing. Overall good reviews, across the board. This means, whatever you do eventually decide on, you are getting a quality notebook. Remember that. Everybody has their own opinion on what a good laptop computer is. But, if a laptop (such as the Mac bok or Mac book pro) is getting solid overall reviews, no matter where you look… that’s when you know you have a quality laptop.

Here are some reviews from other sites, which should take a lot of the work out of it for you. We realize that you probably want more than one opinion.

MacBook - 4.5/5 stars

ALL MacBook Pro models - 4.5/5 stars

MacBook - 4/5 stars (expert rating) 3.5/5 stars (customer rating)

MacBook Pro - 4/5 stars (expert rating) 4.5/5 stars (customer rating)

MacBook - 4/5 stars (expert rating)

MacBook Pro - 4/5 stars (expert rating)


MacBook - 4.7/5 stars (customer rating)

ALL MacBook Pro models - 4.8/5 stars (customer rating)

MacBook - 4.5/5 stars (expert rating)

ALL MacBookk Pro models - 4.5/5 stars (expert rating)

MacBook vs MacBook Pro - Screen Size

Let’s start off by narrowing down all of the differences between the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Screen Size

The MacBook is currently only available in one screen size, 13-inch.

The MacBook Pro is currently available in 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch.

Both the MacBook and the MacBook Pro have LED Backlit screens. There is an antiglare option for the MacBook Pro.

Easy way to decide now?… If you want a laptop with a screen size larger than 13-inch, get the MacBook Pro.

MacBook vs MacBook Pro - Build Quality

Build Quality

The MacBook is built from polycarbonate (plastic like) material. The MacBook is all-white in color.

The MacBook Pro is built from aluminum.The MacBook Pro is aluminum in color with a black bezel screen.

Both the MacBook and the MacBook Pro are constructed using similar unibody construction. The aluminum MacBook Pro is obviously going to be slightly stronger. The polycarbonate MacBook is a better material for Wifi signals. You may get better wireless reception with the MacBook.

Easy way to decide now?… If you want the stronger build material, eliminate the MacBook. If you travel often, and use public Wifi spots, you may want to consider the MacBook.

MacBook vs MacBook Pro - Ports and Expansion


Ports and Expansion

The MacBook has: a MagSafe power adapter port, gigabit ethernet port, mini displayport, two USB slots, audio in/out, and a Kensington lock slot.

The MacBook Pro has everything that the MacBook has plus: firewire 800 port, built-in SD card reader, separate audio in/out jacks. The MacBook Pro also has an illuminated backlit keyboard.

Both the MacBook and MacBook Pro have Superdrive DVD burners.

Easy way to decide now?… Get the MacBook Pro if you frequently use firewire 800 devices or want a built-in SD card reader. If you do a lot of typing in dark or low light areas, the illuminated keyboard of the MacBook Pro can be convenient. Also consider, the screen of the MacBook gives off quite a bit of light. Thus, an illuminated keyboard is more of a luxury than a necessity.

MacBook vs MacBook Pro - Price Comparison

Price Comparison

The MacBook retails for: $999

The MacBook Pro retails for:

13-inch: $1,199 & $1,499

15-inch: $1,799 & $1,999 & $2,199

17-inch: $2,299

Is it worth the extra $200 to get the 13-inch Mac book Pro vs the 13-inch Mac book? You will be gaining a stronger frame, SD card reader, firewire 800 port, and distinct audio in/out jacks.

Easy way to decide now?… Consider your budget. If you can swing the extra 200 bucks, go for the Pro. If you don’t need the SD card reader, firewire, aluminum frame, etc… get the MacBook.

**Consider this: you could get a MacBook + an iPod Touch for the price of the lowest MacBook Pro**

**Consider this: you could get a MacBook + a Mac Mini for the price of the lowest 15-inch MacBook Pro**

**Consider this: you could get a MacBook, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, and 250+ iTunes songs for the price of the mid range 15-inch MacBook Pro**

MacBook vs MacBook Pro

Final decision, Mac book or Mac book pro?: It’s all your preference. Hopefully, this article helped you make a good decision.

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