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Send Emails From Safari: Mail Contents or Link to a Page

written by: Chet Alzona•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 1/12/2010

Safari has a feature that allows you to send an email regarding a web site you’re currently viewing. Instead of having to copy and paste page elements, or the link you want to share to your Mail contacts, you can simply click a menu item and Mail will load and fill out a compose window for you.

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    Mail Contents Of This Page

    This feature can easily be missed, but there is a feature in Safari that allows you to export the rich text in an HTML page and send it as a complete replica in Mail’s compose window. This comes in very handy if you want to send a full copy of a website page to other people for sharing information.

    A simple click on the menu bar: “File" then “Mail Contents of this Page" launches Mail and automatically opens a compose window with the web page loaded in the message. All you have to do is specify a recipient. Of course, it will require that you have already set up Mail.

    Safari + Mail + Page  All the images, links, text formatting will be ready for sending when mailing contents of a page. This is great if you want to recommend an article to someone, or a great website that may serve useful for your contacts. What makes this even more interesting is that you’ll have the ability to change the contents of the email and trim it to however you see fit.
    Sending contents of a website instead of a link allows you to send the information just as you've seen and read, as websites often update their home pages and news feed constantly.
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    Mail Link to this Page

    If you do not entirely favor sending a huge page for your emails, you can opt for one other choice: by emailing the link of the page instead of sending the contents. This makes emailing much faster without having to put all the details of a website in the email you are sending, instead you can send the URL the receiver can click and read on their internet browsers themselves.

    You can do away having to copy, cut, and paste links and simply click a menu option and automatically launch Mail and a compose window ready to be sent right away.
    By doing the same route, clicking on the “File" menu then selecting “Mail Link to this Page," a new Mail compose window will instantly pop up and contain the link of the page that you are currently viewing in Safari. You can send this to any of your Mail contacts and they’ll just be a click away right from the email you sent them.
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    Safari and Mail

    Safari and Mail are the best companions for surfing the web and sending out emails. Both developed and distributed by Apple, there’s no other two apps that are married together so intricately by any other software maker, and the functionality comes with all Macs right out of the box.

    These little features make up the big picture that Apple provides the greatest user experience. Feel free to send in your comments. Enjoy!