BetterZip – A better file zip and unzip program for your Mac

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BetterZip - A Zip/Unzip program for Mac

Mac OS X includes its own feature to zip and unzip files. New Macs also come installed with Stuffit Expander – a program that can zip and unzip files. You can zip and unzip your files with these but they do not offer the flexibility and options that BetterZip gives. Stuffit Deluxe offers include many zipping and unzipping features, but this program is a bit expensive for what it does.

BetterZip is a great program for both zipping and unzipping files. You can simply right-click on the archive you want to view and select Open With BetterZip. Very shortly you will see a Finder-like window displaying all the contents inside your zip file. You can add additional files, folders or programs in the archive by simply dragging them into the window. When you are finished, re-save your archive. It will now contain your additions. Of course you can remove items from the archive, extract them to your hard drive or any other location.

With BetterZip it is easy to access the archived material. For example, let’s say you saved a document in your archive 2 months ago. You have written and saved many more versions of the document in the archive. Now for some reason you need the original version of the same document, so how would you do it? With BetterZip, you can expand the required document out of the zipped archive by simply right-clicking on the archive and once all the documents are shown, spot your file and expand it by simply highlighting it. After highlighting the item, click on the Extract button and you will have the items you want.

BetterZip does not only deal with Zip files, there are many other compression types that the program can handle. You can save your archive in other format than Zip, for example TAR, GZip or BZip2 or RAR formats. BetterZip also supports disc image formats like Sit, ISO, CAB, ARJ and many other formats.

You can download BetterZip from this website. A single home-user license of BetterZip costs $19.95 and in my view it is worth paying it for the features BetterZip offers.