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Avenue Flo Review: Multitasking Made Fun

written by: •edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 10/19/2009

Ever tried to do more than one thing at a time? Don’t complain to Flo about that because she has her hands full saving the day. Can you help her run the diner while saving a mega-wedding taking place in Dinertown?

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    Go With the Flo

    Avenue Flo Why do action games take precedent over role playing when families get together? Because it’s easier to run around like a maniac than have to think and respond to slow-moving challenges. But Avenue Flo breaks that glass ceiling by giving you clever and attractive characters throughout Dinertown - each with unique personalities and a lot of problems. Fortunately Flo knows how to multitask when it comes to saving the day. You’ll play along with her as she goes on missions to help keep an upcoming wedding running smoothly. Even if she breaks a nail doing it!

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    Wedding Bell Blues Avenue Flo uses big characters that are very cartoonish - yet nicely styled to keep the eye turned their way. Additions that take the game to the “next level” include voices that narrate and echo the voice balloons appearing over the “cast” and a point and pick up and click interface for taking what’s available and using it. The level of gameplay isn’t intense, it’s more casual and fun than manic. And for sure solving a puzzle like getting the mop to clean up a coffee mess in the diner isn’t on the level of Zork (for those old-timers like me who get the reference). But because the graphics are just so darned cute, it’s as much fun just tooling around the town as it is trying to accomplish a task. Trust me, trying to get those butterflies that got loose takes more than a pair of sticky hands.

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    The Depths of a Woman's Soul - and Town

    The town itself scrolls a bit before moving into one of the many locations and there are no sharp edges to what is a cartoon-like rendering. Since the game works well for the younger set I can see that making sense, but as one of the “oldsters” I appreciate that there is a bit of humor tossed in that doesn’t require short pants. And for sure Flo is one cute redhead. But Lucy she’s not - Flo knows what she’s doing, providing you’re helping of course.

    Avenue Flo 

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    Avenue Flo Does Mac Gaming with a Nod and a ClickGame play for Avenue Flo is just what the Mac ordered. You use the mouse and pointer to not only move around, but to select and activate objects of interest. Plus "touching" someone brings up both voice and text to make it easy for all who are crowding around the screen to know what is going on.
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    Flo Saves the Day

    The game takes full advantage of what a computer-based title can do (and especially so for a Mac). It knows to take over the full screen and set the resolution to what works best and return it afterwards when the game has been quit. Movement is smooth and precise and the color palette is really a delight.

    And I bet that you'll be as amazed as I was as to what Flo could carry around in her purse once I started using the mouse to move around the layers packed in there. And doubly so when my wife told me that it wasn’t an exaggeration. C’mon, a cell phone sure - but a glue stick? Toilet paper? A calculator? - Does anyone even know what that is anymore?

    Avenue Flo I also like the fact that you can go to the web site and move around a representation of the game to get a feel for it - something worth doing in these penny-pinching days rather than shelling out for a game that might turn out to be a dog. And it's great that you can play mini-games directly should there not be much time for taking on the main storyline. That lets you have a few minutes of fun rather than having to commit to time that isn't available and so blow off playing entirely.

    Computer games have gotten a bad rap in today's video game world, and Mac games don't exactly seem to be the big money makers. But who cares about that - there's room for Mac games when the fun is there and that's definitely the case with Flo. As you and your family will see when you go and visit.

    Oh and the reason the game is called Avenue Flo is because Flo’s Diner is at the corner of Big Avenue and Florida Street.



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