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Intro To Apple's

written by: Nicholas•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 10/14/2009

One newly emerging trend is the integration of office suites online. Apple's answer to this is the recently released is still somewhat new and is in the beta development stage. However, many of the features that will offer are now clear.

  • slide 1 of 2 Purpose, Examples, and Features is designed mainly to benefit on-the-go Mac users and business professionals. For starters, is compatible with all three major applications of iWork: Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. So far, the main function of has been to allow iWork users to share and remotely access documents created in iWork. For example, a Mac user could sync a Pages document to and access it remotely through an iPhone or iPod Touch. This feature would be of great benefit for anyone using an iMac or Mac Pro as neither of these machines offer any degree of portability. can also be used as a presentation tool. For example, say you had a presentation project due for your college speech class. You created the entire presentation through Keynote with your iMac. Your college runs all PCs and your presentation must be done on a PC connected to a projector. offers a great solution to this. Simply sync your Keynote presentation to from your iMac. From the PC at your school, login to and present your Keynote address directly through This is even more convenient than carrying a flash drive. Access your documents anywhere.

    Need to download a copy of that same Keynote presentation to submit to your teacher? No problem, as iWork allows you to download synced documents in a wide variety of formats, such as a PDF or Office document.

    One other notable feature is that documents on can be commented on. So, if you were needing some input from your boss on a project, you could simply post it to and your boss could leave end notes and advice for you at the end of your document.

    One feature that does need to add is editing capabilities. Once a document is synced with, it cannot be directly edited within This means that if you want to edit a document remotely, you will need to download the document and edit it with software already installed on a computer.

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    Using The funny thing about working with, is that very little work is done on the actual website; at least when uploading a document. Within iWork '09 there is a feature to allow you to directly upload a project to without opening Safari at all. Better yet, you can use any Apple account (such as your iTunes account) to do this.

    For example, within the Number application, there is an icon located on the toolbar titled "". Simply click this icon, and enter in your username and password. You will be than presented with numerous options such as who you want to share the document with (will be notified by email), a subject for the document, and a personal message. You also have the option of allowing others to download the document and leave comments.

    To view the document, users will be brought to, where they can download a copy of the document, comment on the document, or leave end notes.